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Once you understand these concepts you can build anything in Dwarf Fortress !
Building structures in Dwarf fortress; the concepts of Construction.

How to build above ground with blocks in Dwarf Fortress.
How to Build a Tower in Dwarf Fortress?
How to Build Walls in Dwarf Fortress?
How to Build Fortifications in Dwarf Fortress?
Dwarf Fortress Tutorial Building.
Dwarf Fortress Construction.
dwarf fortress gameplay
Dwarf Fortress Building Tips and Tricks.
Dwarf fortress 0.50

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Dwarf Fortress (Official Steam Soundtrack)
by Dabu, Simon Swerwer, Águeda Macias

Songs of Saltfork album for use in the Dwarf Fortress utility Soundsense by zwei (and smooth stone lounge listening). SoS is loosely inspired by a coastal biome. You can find this song, and all his others for FLACking free on

All of Simonswerer’s songs are CC BY-NC-SA (Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike)
Kevin MacLeod’s songs are Creative Commons license

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  1. Really liked the video, nice and useful. I only wish it had been out yesterday as it would have saved me some headscratching with making an enclosed bridge over the gap of a waterfall to the other side. Decided after watching your hospital video to have mine on the other side of the waterfall and only accessible via a bridge. I’ve also made it so that the water from the brook can run down the walkway by the hospital, controlled by a watergate, if the hospital gets over run I can lift the bridge and either drown them all or flush them off the cliff. lol

  2. 女武神戰鬥少女雪風

    I built a 12 floors fortress tower with double thickness wall to serve as barrack,armory and thrown room in past few days. There is one way which can be helpful though. When building wall around the tower,you can choose to build two horizontal wall first,and then build the vertical wall. So the wall on the edge will never got block out. Thank you for your great videos and many of them helps me a lot (especially the hospital one,which help me prevent a werebeast outbreak. And the indoor fishing location one is also very useful for every fort of mine that have river or ocean on the map. Cheers!

  3. Aside from aesthetics, what are the advantages to building towers like this one? Does it make it easier to clear your airspace of things like giant parakeets? I had altogether enough of the local parakeets on my previous embark, most of the time I didn’t even notice them but occasionally they’d get agitated and fly into my fort.

  4. 8:01 I’m pretty sure that they can build diagonally, they just don’t do it if adjusted titles blocked. Toad really need to address that whole issue – it’s incredibly annoying to suspend and unsuspend everything.

  5. Dennis Cornsmack

    I’ve had success training archers by setting my ranged dwarves to hunting.

  6. Your deep, smooth, voice is perfect for a 4am insomnia reclination.

  7. is is possible to build the fortification walls outwards say.. 3 walls thick. so that the archers can shoot directly down?

    edit: I just read that fortifications include a floor so this wouldn’t work

  8. striking the sky XD why do I find that way more funny than I should?

  9. Great video as always! one question btw
    Did you remove the floor tile before placing the fortification in the same spot because you wanted to take back the block for the floor, or because a fortification placed without a floor underneath, can be used to shoot directly under it?

  10. Is there a disadvantge to leaving a floor underthe fortifications on the top level? Does that allow things to get in/block line of sight shooting down?

  11. That side view you quickly constructed to show how to stop goblins from the walls was very helpful to figuring it out, thank you

  12. Love your vids, they have been very helpful. Great voice too

  13. i was literally just looking for a tutorial for this

  14. thanks for making this, I had no idea mobs could climb so many tiles. fingers crossed my fort is safe now.

  15. if you’re in the mood to do something on how falling damage works, dropper traps and things like that I’m sure it would be popular

  16. Correct me if I’m wrong, but creatures can still climb diagonally, A block overhang isn’t safe enough against good climbers, only an open space or floor tile overhang will work for one block overhangs. I’ve had werebeasts climb diagonally like this to get in.

  17. Is it possible to build stairs down? Sometimes I breach a cavern and it would be nice if this was possible. Iirc it wasnt before.

  18. Thx for great tutorials !
    It is any way to evaporate water from big rooms underground ?
    I want to make a mud farm but my water lvl is 7 after i fill a room what i dig.
    And now i can only make another room to just move a water ?

  19. Thanks! I was just wondering how to do overhangs 🙂

  20. SpartanForces117

    Well explained, thank you!

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