How To Convert A Gas-Powered Car To An Electric Vehicle how to

How To Convert A Gas-Powered Car To An Electric Vehicle #buildempire


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Interest in electric vehicles is at an all time high, with sales of new EVs up 55 percent in 2022 compared to the year prior. But there are still a lot of gas cars on the road today and there will be for a long time. EV conversions are becoming a bigger trend that could help. Both the shops and aftermarket community are growing substantially to meet the new demand. CNBC explores what it takes to convert a gas-powered car to an electric vehicle and whether it could go mainstream.

00:00 — Introduction
02:40 — EV conversions
04:12 — Conversion shops
06:45 — DIY community
11:16 — Challenges

Produced, Shot and Edited by: Andrew Evers
Supervising Producer: Jeniece Pettitt
Narration: Robert Ferris
Additional Footage: Tinkergineering, Ford, Chevrolet, SEMA, EV West, Electric Vehicle Learning Center, Portland Auto Show

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How To Convert A Gas-Powered Car To An Electric Vehicle

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  1. You will never do anything like this for Blacks…….. I Work for ‘Ford’ and all of you are racist & Liars.. You been EV’s….. GOD Hate Liars

  2. electric motorcycle conversions are about to become really interesting, the motors are cheap and easy to install, and current cutting edge battery tech will give you roughly 80 miles on a half hour charge, 70% of that in 15 minutes

  3. That girl speaks as someone with 20+ years more life experience than she has.

  4. No need to ruin a good car by putting in an electric motor. Won’t be long before they’ll be switching these Ev’s back to ICE.

  5. Can’t afford a gas car but the Gov wants us to go electric? Keep dreaming.

  6. Wow, most people will not find themselves converting their cars to electric while they on them, I don’t think it’s fair to suggest the EV conversions will always be $20-$40,000 plus the vehicle cost. Think of it this way, there are plenty of folks who spend significantly less than that as a hobbyist replacing their engines and other components like suspension and so forth on gasoline vehicles.

    We can expect that the cost of electric vehicle components will go down, as well, the size. With battery, technology, improving, the size of batteries will decrease, and they’re already companies like Lucid, who have made more compact electric motors than tesla, which means more space for more batteries, or the possibility of converting more vehicles to electric more easily.

    What’s more, with current technology you may end up with a vehicle that only gets 70 to 100 miles to a full charge. But that is more than sufficient for most people, and so then it comes back to cost. But I think we can expect those costs to go down, especially if the parts cost to go down And the conversions can be done by a home hobbyist. What this means is that the labor cost goes away essentially, at as more vehicles are converted, they will be more standardize solutions, which will make the Costco down as well.

    The question then becomes will any arbitrary vehicle be easy to convert to electric? Probably not. But the most popular vehicles, the ones with the best comfort, reliability, packaging, etc. will be the ones that are most likely to have a standardize conversion. After a standardize conversion is developed, then quantities of scale will bring the cost down for many of the parts that would have to be bespoke for that vehicle. Then it’s just a matter of the promised, higher density and lower cost battery solutions and electric motors to be developed and available.

  7. $40-$60K to convert a gas car to an EV? It makes no sense financially especially for modifying a classic. Those are niche at this point and not daily drivers so those that convert them can’t be real enthusiasts. And with this big push to EVs without infrastructure even close to handling these all of this makes no sense….

  8. Many thumbs up to that young lady!👍👍👍👍👍 Glad to see schools and training programs for EV mechanics.

  9. Life Transformed

    This is what the world needs very quickly

  10. If there was any aspect of this report I could put my money on to win, it would definitely be Frances, Here is a young woman with potential. She will certainly go far. CNBC – keep an eye on her.

  11. Lithium mining….

  12. Shamileification

    Wow….this is so cool! This coming from V12 Lamborghini and Ferrari ownership.

  13. Ruining classic cars.

  14. Long Beach Coin Laundry

    Great concept but very expensive.

  15. Why ruin a car like that, carbon neutral gas/e fuels is coming soon anyways 2025.

  16. Do gas powered trucks, boats and ATV’s used by recreational consumers for hunting, fishing and camping not pay for a large chunk of environmental and DNR management. You cannot take an electric vehicle into the backwoods of Americas forests and enjoy any of these activities which fund many management programs.

  17. Francis is fantastic!!
    14, that’s amazing!

  18. my 2000 silverado will still be gas powered and driven for many years but my 1983 datsun sentra i would love to EV swap but… it’s more than i’m willing to spend to do it

  19. Virtually all Stellantis EVs on sale in Europe are built on ICE platforms and are factory retro fitted to EVs during manufacture. Business opportunity there to sell EV conversion kits to the public but they won’t do it, hedging their bets on EVs.

  20. This is all fine well & good,….once we get the charger infrastructure in place,…

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