How to cook Healthy Meals and never run out of ideas. how to

How to cook Healthy Meals and never run out of ideas. #buildempire


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0:00 Why it’s hard to cook & eat healthy
0:32 Learning how to cook changed my life
1:30 The Seasoning Framework
2:52 Seasoning Technique #1: Blackening
8:35 Seasoning Technique #2: Stir Fry Sauce
12:10 Seasoning Technique #3: Marinate after cooking

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  1. AyoubTheGreat

    Za tar is pronounced zAh (ahhh when the doctor tells you to open your mouth) and tar was good 👌

    You said (zUh-tar)

  2. Oil spray instead of oil would help like crazy too right?

  3. youre legit, thx fren

  4. I’m definitely going to try this! Over been struggling learning to cook healthy for myself and like you said I get caught up on recipes.

  5. Hard to cook healthy? How stupid do you have to be today not to know how?

  6. This is the best video on youtube bar none

  7. I’m shocked you don’t have a cookbook of recipes. A spiral bound would be great.

  8. Ur definitely making huge impact on a lot of peoples lives. Ur the man bro keep goin.

  9. Freddy Kudrick

    Had no clue you were a pitt alum ride on

  10. great video, please make a whole playlist of technique videos like this one

  11. Rafael Peralta

    Ethan, as always, thank you for making these videos. I learn a lot from you and I even apply some of your tips when I’m cooking.

  12. Theoretical Exercise

    gold bro. this is gold. thank you. Love this

  13. Kasper Vankan

    Love these videos Ethan! Not just teaching recipes but the ideas behind them. Actually teaching how to cook in other words. Please keep us updated with your fitness journey would love to see more videos like this!

  14. Anthony Losego

    Remember, as you get older, following these rules and trimming carbs is required. At 40, your hormones work against you to the nth degree. At 50, it’s n^nth degree. lol Being 26 is the easiest this will be. But it’s not impossible. Just more dedication will be required as the decades go by. Mostly I mean, for everyone watching, your mileage will vary but not to get discouraged. Just gotta be more dedicated.

  15. Ted Chirvasiu

    I was not ready for chonky 17yo Ethan

  16. Zoltán Matók

    This was soo helpful! Thank you!

  17. Hmmmmm, atomicaly similar habit making, hmmmmmmmmm

  18. this was how i started to cook once i started loving to cook. recipes are no fun, just get in there and make a protein and vegetable and starch in whatever form pleases you

  19. Thanks for another great video!

  20. Could you do a random snapshot video of what you keep in your fridge/freezer/pantry? No thought ahead of time to ensure you don’t subconsciously get anything for it

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