How To Cope With The Shortness Of Life – Dean Rickles | Modern Wisdom Podcast 568 how to

How To Cope With The Shortness Of Life – Dean Rickles | Modern Wisdom Podcast 568 #buildempire


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Dean Rickles is Professor of History and Philosophy of Modern Physics at the University of Sydney and a Director of the Sydney Centre for Time.

Life doesn’t last that long. The ever present spectre of death looms large, even if you life to be 100. This can feel like a tragedy in many ways. What use are our efforts if they’ll all be turned to dust eventually? A philosopher is needed here, to give us a fresh perspective.

Expect to learn why keeping your options open is a path to an early grave, how you can remind yourself of how miraculous it is that you’re alive at all, the solution to living a listless, unintentional life, whether death is actually the only thing that gives life any meaning, the danger of being a sailor without a journey or a route and much more…

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  1. This was excellent

  2. I remember when I was very young, I was very afraid of dying. I would have nightmares of people I love dying and never seeing them again. Today, I am 34. I embrace the idea of death. Too many times I have found happiness and comfort only to have them torn away from me. I realize that I am getting older. I won’t be the same person in 20 years that I am now, but there’s nothing to say that my life will be better or that the cycle of happiness will stop being torn from me. I am perfectly okay to die any day now. Life is not as fun and wonderful as it was in childhood.

  3. This is purely your brother opinion 😅

  4. Great subject and discussion – thanks Dean Rickles and Chris Williamson! I need to read this book, too.
    _Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less_ by Greg McKeown is a great book on how to try to wisely choose the life you want while dealing with the crazy amount of options we have in today’s life. _Getting Things Done_ by David Allen, and _The Bullet Journal Method_ by Ryder Carroll are great, too.

  5. This podcast has been the best kind of therapy for me. Hope everyone has an amazing new year.

  6. I wish life would have made my 30’s at least twice as long. By your 40’s things start falling apart, health-wise. Regardless of your diet and exercise which can really help, your body just stops working at its peak. I wonder if we’d have banked our blood in our 20s-30s and infused it a couple times a year in our 50s-60s body if it would have slowed the degenerative process. Too late for me.

  7. Your best show yet !!!!

  8. Danielle Riverin

    Thank you, from Innu First Nations of Canada, Dean, I’m challenging myself, choosing to live It from a love space everyday! I’m grateful to be living in these exciting times of awakening or expanding consciousness, A’HO! 💞 ~ Flying High Birdwoman 🪶

  9. It’s episodes like this why I love this podcast. Gonna be cool when I end up on here one day. Much love from the Carolinas.


    👆 – NЕW А DАТING ONLINE 👄💌e🍒

  11. Your eyes are not viewing they are projecting, if you get the inside right the outside falls into place all by itself 🙏🏽

  12. I’ve been struggling with making decision that are life changing/shattering. This podcast couldn’t have come at a better time.

  13. Cool PapaJMagik

    Extremely easy when you know God and understand that this life is meant to be very temporary

  14. Stop improper s3xual practices and wasting your s33d and your life will stop being a nightmare. My life was a nightmare. Hope this helps someone. Get off social media it’s a false sense of relevance and creates envy and jealousy. be pure and careful what you choose to let in.

  15. Gracefully Insane

    It’s an incredibly privileged life that allows you to belittle the sailor trapped in the storm who is just surviving.

  16. Great work man.

  17. I’ve recently been diagnosed with heart disease and irregular heart beats. I’m 47 and I’m hoping this is going to offer me some insights into how to deal with it.

  18. Did he really just say “life is a journey”…. Never heard that before

  19. Well I hadn’t really thought of it
    Thank you so much 🙄

  20. Your perception is your REALITY.

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