How to Crack Salesforce? SDE/AMTS/MTS/SMTS Interview Rounds & Salary | Work Life Balance how to

How to Crack Salesforce? SDE/AMTS/MTS/SMTS Interview Rounds & Salary | Work Life Balance #buildempire


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In this video , I have made a detailed review on Salesforce , talking about their levels and compensation structure for AMTS , MTS , SMTS roles , complete interview process and on how to prepare , work life balance , perks , culture , tech stack and a lot more.

0:00 – Introduction
1:24 – About Salesforce
1:46 – Salesforce Office Locations in India
1:52 – Tech Stacks used at Salesforce
2:16 – Levels at Salesforce
3:10 – Compensation/Salary Structure of SDE-1/AMTS
3:41 – Compensation/Salary Structure of SDE-2/MTS
4:01 – Compensation/Salary Structure of SMTS
4:15 – How can you apply to Salesforce?
4:48 – Interview Process of AMTS role at Salesforce
5:32 – Interview Process of MTS role at Salesforce
6:29 – Interview Process of SMTS role at Salesforce
7:13 – Perks and Benefits at Salesforce
8:05 – Work Life Balance of Salesforce
8:44 – Conclusion

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  1. Riddhi Dutta

    Hope you are liking this series. Let me know of the next company you want me to review.

  2. Ashish Chourasia

    Appreciate you for making this, your estimation for stocks that AMTS get is extremely high😅
    You metioned for AMTS you can get $90k USD vested over 4 years i.e $22.5k/year or Rs. 18.6lac.
    This would make AMTS salary (base+bonus+stocks) Rs. 37-40lac/annum.
    $90k USD stocks is extremely high! not even SMTS get this much of stocks, maybe LMTS would get this much stocks.

  3. prateek verma

    Hi Riddhi , can you also review SAP labs please ?

  4. Salary range of Product Manager in Salesforce ?

  5. Arghya Chatterjee

    Great video sir. Really well researched. Loved it!!

  6. Hi Great video! Does Salesforce have SDET roles ? Kindly answer

  7. Currently I’m working as Salesforce Developer with < 1 year of exp. Am I eligible to apply for SDE 1 role at Amazon Atlassian Salesforce ?



  10. How many levels of Salesforce developer and compensation of Salesforce developer are the same as AMTS/MTS/SMTS in Salesforce? Please clarify this.

  11. Gaurav Singh Rajput

    Sir agar aaj salsforce band ho jaye company toh log kya karnge kuki unhone salo apna salesfoce me de diye vo fix ho gaye …agar vo sirf java pe rahte toh kahi bhi jaa sakte thee

  12. Arijit Roychaudhury

    Make one on ServiceNow as well!

  13. Tushar Verma

    One video on Harness Startup

  14. Susnata Goswami

    Very informative. Thanks. Keep uploading these kinda videos.

  15. one video on RAZORPAY

  16. Sahil Kachhap

    Next video on PayPal please 🙏

  17. Aakash Biswas

    it’d be great if you could provide referrals for working professionals/freshers

  18. Sitesh Kumar

    How is Salesforce developer carrier ??? Is it good decision to be Salesforce developer ???

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