How to Cross Water on Your Motorcycle how to

How to Cross Water on Your Motorcycle #buildempire


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Water crossings can be intimidating. So grab your swim trunks and a 6ft air intake: today we learn how to safely get your motorbike across a river.

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  1. Robert Peters

    I feel like this is the first F9 script written by an AI. Something just seems off 🤔

  2. Believe me, Fort9 content is on another level. Hats off for such creativity.

  3. Great information, always learn something. I certainly have no qualms about water crossings but I am also not planning on seeing if the 690 can swim either lol.

  4. It seems a bit environmentally irresponsible to encourage people to ride into waterways

  5. Hands down the best production on YouTube

  6. I knew my bike was missing something. It was a hockey stick..


  8. 2Stroke South Wales Enduro

    Honda see

  9. Nord vpn must’ve spent lots of money to convince these guys with a sponsor

  10. Really wish the shitty VPN ad wasn’t there. I’d gladly shed some dough on Patreon if it were an option, given how much value this channel had for me over the years (from first time rider to now buying my second bike).

  11. In Monterey and San Benito Counties (California) we have a bunch of paved fords, some in unexpected places. Depth is rarely an issue, usually not even up to the axles. _Traction_ will get you, though, algae is slick as snot!

    We usually sent someone ahead on foot to gauge depth and traction. It was always worth the stop.

  12. TheOrangeNinja

    God, the cooling on these wading bikes must be fantastic XD

  13. Michael Carston

    Seems almost criminal that this wasn’t done on a KLR 650 with a milk crate strapped to pillion…

  14. Fredrick Rourk

    CPR to the drowned rider in the background was great

  15. Water in the oil, water in the oil, i repeat, water in the oil.

    One way to get the blown headgasket experience without being (internally) water cooled.

  16. Any other YTer and this would be just a silly video . On FortNine it’s a silly smart funny video .

  17. Was this in any way inspired by Ginger Billy failing to turn a moped into a redneck-jetski recently?

  18. It’s great you found a use for the hockey stick in the off season!

  19. Alexis Teagan

    i simply do not understand how you manage to teach us this much and be this entertaning at the same time

  20. Production and comedic value is high but really its a stupid video, it must be hard coming up with new content, let’s hope the next video is better.

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