How to Customize OneUI Like a PRO! how to

How to Customize OneUI Like a PRO! #buildempire


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Welcome to your deep dive on how to level up your customization using OneUI!

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00:00 – Introduction
01:18 – Level 1: The Basics
03:19 – Level 2: Advanced Home Screen Customizations
06:01 – Level 3: Icon Theming
08:14 – Level 4: Advanced Icon Theming
14:02 – Level 5: Custom Widgets
16:18 – Final Thoughts

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  1. Madhav Sharma

    Hey, amazing video as always. Just a point I want to put out, we could also manually change missed icons from theme park as well. After we click “icons” at the choose icons and shape screen. In the menu on top right, there would be an option “change icons”. Thanks

  2. Arafe Zawad Sajid

    Man I hate the fact that you’re so underrated. You deserve more reach.

  3. ConcertoAllegro

    The only 2 things keeping me from abandoning Nova Launcher for Stock One UI are 1) Home screen gestures and 2) that annoying priority apps thing in the app menu

  4. Huracán Beats

    Do oxygen os next

  5. However, stock android is the best for me.

  6. How about xiaomi? Thanks!

  7. One UI desperately needs an UI overhaul.

    The control centre is now old; the quick toggle buttons are too small.
    The settings app is an eyesore compared to how gorgeous other android skins managed to make their settings app look.

    And lastly, the app icons look boring now because of age.

  8. Andrei Bogdan

    Good lock is not available in my country. That is just mean.

  9. $7 for a bunch of wallpapers, absolute rip off.

  10. Misael Santos

    Thank you for the content on Samsung! I’ve been seeing lots of Pixel stuff but really like to rely on your channel for customization related stuff. I am not a big fan of spending too much time on customization such as icon packs heavy and widgets but just the other levels were awesome. Android 13 root for Samsung at some point??

  11. Do these videos for other system ui

  12. how do i get the wallpaper at 1:35 ?

  13. Anthony Georgiou

    It should be noted that everything from level 2 and onwards is *restricted* to certain countries. So, if anything, none of this is true for everyone. The most customizable I could get with One UI is to add custom icons with the help of Google’s shortcut maker, in which case I would have to manually create a shortcut for each and every icon I wanted on my home screen (not valid for lock screen or app drawer).

  14. Eyes Wide open

    Niagara Launcher I bought the pro version. So nice

  15. It actually amazes me how much android phones are so customizable.


    Samsung is so arrogant that it doesn’t allows it’s M series smartphones to have good lock app. I am using samsung M51 and severely lacking this app

  17. This video was much awaited 🔥

  18. I started using third party launchers again thanks to the app “One Hand Operation +” by Samsung. I just configure the gesture to home or the recent apps and I’m good to go.

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