How to design Landing Pages? Easy! how to

How to design Landing Pages? Easy! #buildempire


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The course preorder ends on September 29th and you can get it here:

It does include feedback if you manage to get it as a preorder. If not from September 30th the feedback is paid extra.

We are sharing our best tips, tricks and techniques from designing nearly a hundred landing pages ranging from fintech to kids shows campaigns.

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  1. Christopher Szabat

    I’ll be totally honest with you guys …. I have all Michał’s courses and I don’t regret a single $. There is no such knowledge anywhere! And thanks to this knowledge, I can call myself a designer 😊💻 It gives 5 stars! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ As a customer, I got more than I expected. That’s why I joined hype4 for a long time and I feel a connection … this is how UX and CX work and here it is at the highest level! 💪

  2. Santiago Lazaro

    Just bought the course, hope I learn a lot, thanks !! 🙂

  3. Did we really wait for a couple of days for just 1:40 min of a self promotion video? Shame!

  4. The Gumroad Intro VIdeo is too much laggy. It’s always keep loading 🙁
    But I know it will jam-packed, so got it before the launch date!!!

  5. Hey Malewicz, I purchased the course and I cant wait to start. What program are we going to be using to design the landing pages? Also can i use the designs made in the course on lets say another platform that has a design building feature?

  6. I have a small doubt about case studies. I just started to write a case study about the stuff I had done in my internship, but I am very confused about one thing. In addition to two main projects, I have worked on several mini projects for each of them (for example, I created a dedicated responsive website, as well as an app (on a completely different concept). Now I am confused how to show these case studies (show them differently but then their are under the same name or in the same case study but the concept is very different & I conducted independent user testing for them)

    Please help me with this weird question

  7. Love Michals courses. They show how simple everything should be.

  8. Apart from the video subject can I ask the outro song title you are using? It is too good and well fit.

  9. Can’t make the pre-order as I get paid on the 1st but I’m sure it will still be well worth it at full price once I’m ready

  10. I’m looking forward, paid for it from day 1. I enjoy your courses and they’re affordable. I’ll always support.

  11. your sales pitch worked, I grabbed it right away

  12. Alien with Sunglasses

    Does the order of the web courses matter or can I start with the second one?

  13. Already pre ordered

  14. You just save my day, I have a project with a developer and i’m not really good at designing landing page. I’m sure I will learn some tips for this project

  15. Yojansel Cuevas

    So excited to watch this video fr and get the preordered course tomorrow, I feel lucky and happy

  16. hey I downloaded your both free books I am interested in each and every course of yours but is there any financial aid I can get your courses may be expensive for your Indian audience would be great if you help
    thank you

  17. Excited for this!❤️

  18. Cool just purchased 3 courses (the mobile courses and the first web design) I’m going to get this one today. 🎉❤

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