How to Engage Buyers and Build Deeper Human Connections how to

How to Engage Buyers and Build Deeper Human Connections #buildempire


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In this session from On24’s Checkpoint Summit, Caitlin Seele (Head of Digital Marketing, Drift) and Niel Shah (Director of Product Marketing, Sendoso) talk through the best practices they’re focused on to engage buyers and build deeper human connections.

Specifically, they talk about:
(2:42) Findings from Drift’s State of Conversational Marketing report
(4:03) Findings from Sendoso’s internal survey
(6:07) How to solve for the problem of spending more to reach hard-to-reach buyers
(8:14) What the digital playbook means for marketers in the upcoming years
(10:17) Personalization is paramount
(12:32) Three ways to engage buyers and build more human connections
(13:08) #1 Connect with your customers and keep things personal
(16:20) #2 Integrate channels for continuous engagement
(20:25) #3 Personalize and engage to deliver better website experiences
(26:08) The value of real-time conversations
(27:59) The value of delivering a memorable unboxing experience

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About Drift: Drift is more than just a technology company. Drift is a connection company. Connecting buyers with sellers and empowering experiences everyone loves.

At Drift, we believe that from meeting people to starting a business relationship, everything starts with a conversation. Drift specializes in helping start the right business conversations — making sure they happen when they’re supposed to and completely personalizing them to buyers.

Drift’s Conversational Cloud, comprised of Conversational Marketing, Conversational Sales, and Conversational Service, all powered by underlying Conversational AI, breaks down the silos across your team so you can deliver personalized experiences that turn into more quality pipeline, revenue, and happy customers.

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