How to EXPLOIT the NEW JUNGLE to CLIMB RANKS FAST – League of Legends how to

How to EXPLOIT the NEW JUNGLE to CLIMB RANKS FAST – League of Legends #buildempire


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  1. Skill Capped Challenger LoL Guides

    IMPROVE FAST and get the RANK you’ve always wanted: 👈👈👈👈

  2. André Benites

    I’m really glad it wasn’t just me… I went from winning 10 straight to lose 7 straight, doing the exact same thing.. getting huge leads early on and not bein impactfil…

  3. Mohammad Mansour

    they should over nerf comeback experience and shut down
    so you can feel ahead as a jungler

  4. There was one game I was playing ADC, the enemy and I have similar cs but my team was behind and I got 4kills from shut downs and the enemy adc got 8 normal no bounty kills but I was one whole item ahead :/

  5. I was power farming because at the start of the season that was the most efficient way to jungle with the new changes I was seeing very good success and I even got to gold, but then I started losing and didn’t know why. I tried changing builds but to no avail, so I changed to a red->mid->blue side clear->scuttle path and I am seeing more success consistently now not to mention getting the mid-laner ahead when I gank by helping them push for early levels or at least burn an enemy summoner spell and maybe grab first blood.
    It makes sense that the exp changes are being hit since I soak up exp from lanes sometimes just staying in range trying to look for a gank and for faster level 6 and I don’t get punished that much for it. I just stay bot spam gank and grab drakes. This type of playstyle is very lazy and pairs nicely with gank-heavy junglers. I am maining Jarvan IV with this type of playstyle, and it sets up my mid and bot lane for success and ensures we have the late game.

  6. Overload of information, to end up having no idea what the strategy is beyond: Make sure to scout the gank and access your probability of success before going in. 

    Doesn’t every semi decent player already do that?

  7. Kristóf Gellért Szabó

    I’ll be honest. Jungle is just not a carry role anymore. Sure you can impact the game but if you want to get yourself ahead and solocarry don’t bother playing jungle.

  8. cool video but i didnt learn anything here besides what was in patch notes and that junglers in pro play dont gank

  9. any1 have a timestamp of when the current tips start. Im like 7 mins in and still getting a history lesson on past jungle metas that oont matter anymre lol

  10. In regards to the camp DMG change. Didn’t riot say that this was done to make jungle more “accessible” to new jungles?

    Well, back to level 1 counter jungling, since in my Elo everyone starts bot side for the leash

  11. jungle is fucking garbage atm

  12. Does Riot even provide information on the jungle. Lets say a new player wanted to learn jungle. Does Riot provide any tutorial information for it? like how long spawn timers are, or details like that 20% dmg increase to camps. How are new players supposed to know all of this without looking up 3rd party guides?

  13. I get your main point here at the start, but acting like having the same level undermines the idea of a lead at all is wack. Level is always more important than people think it is, but the gold differential between the graves/ww at the start is still astronomical, and that’s not including the pressure that Graves created for his team by actively killing people and assisting in ganks. Graves may be level 7, but with that many kills, he’s certainly denied levels worth of experience to the other team.

  14. Riot has killed top lane for me. Tp and item nerfs make me feel like im just afk waiting to see if my bot win or not.
    S13 jg changes just feel like some 13 yr old girl cant make up her mind. No direction and inconsistent changes. All in all they killed a lot of joy from my two roles

  15. Zsombor Szigeti

    If proplayers still don’t pick udyr they’re matchfixing

  16. BadManOhBadMan

    The entire fking role is trash and just dumb. Fkin toss it out

  17. But wouldn’t counter invading be a bad thing? You get the lvl 1 camp XP and you increase it for the enemy, while they will probably just gank instead of doing full clear. So you just have to track enemy jungle and turn the early game into Aram?

  18. dreamsmadeflesh1

    Back in the recent previous patches I was wondering why my power farming Evelynn kept losing. When I heard about how you should just over gank, it kind of made sense, but went against everything I knew about jungle, so I just kind of stopped playing for a bit. Come to this patch, I power farmed, took enemy quadrants when they showed to ganks, and did everything traditionally correct, and was awarded with a super easy game. I’m glad it’s back to where your decisions actually matter, not just spam ganking bot lane the whole game.

  19. rewarding bad players punishing good ones, classic riot.

  20. I woulda thought the nerfs to jungle would obliterate elise, but counter jungling with her feels so ridiculous right now.

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