How to Feel Less Tired in Class how to

How to Feel Less Tired in Class #buildempire


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  1. _𝓒𝓱𝓲𝓻𝓫♥

    I have slept like 50 times this school year this tip is gonna be HELLA HELPFUL

  2. Canadians have left the chat

  3. iibleufloraii

    I just got 4 of these drink more water videos in a row 💀 probably cause I only drink 3 cups of water a day…

  4. I thought his hair was a sweater

  5. I love how smooth he’s able to add “and follow Gohar for more tips” in the end of every short

  6. I won’t lie when I was tired I sipped a bit of water and it woke me up. It worked for me to say the least

  7. Oh Poland Spring, that’s where I’m from

  8. Del. Rosario, Karl Jasper G.

    Im trying to sleep in school, “but I cant”, even im very tired and sleepy, my body wont let me🤧💀

  9. •𝕮𝖚𝖙𝖎𝖊•

    U sir are gonna be my go 2 channel for 5 th grade this year congrats 👏
    Here is ur reward for reading all this (for everyome who real this) ❤ : reward: 🌮🥙🥪🍔🥗🍕🍖🍟

  10. Glustrio [._.]

    Can you make a video on extracurriculars? My school doesn’t offer anything that I’d like to do.

  11. You fell asleep once in class, just once…

    But I have never…

    “We aren’t the same”

  12. Your teacher taps your head with a ruler, the whole class

  13. *Our teacher doesn’t tap us with a ruler… She slaps us* (and it’s painful ) 😔🙁☹️😔😥😭

  14. I fell asleep once in middle school, during history. My teacher was having the class work on a paper (alone or with another person) I ended up knocking out. When I opened my eyes he was kneeling down waiting for me to open my eyes. Gotta say, scared the hell out of me, but he was super chill about it. Thank God 💀😂

  15. FreeFireGamers010

    The Waffle House found its new host.

  16. RedlovesPandas

    Hey guys!Im a kid and I want y’all to give me advice so I won’t make bad decisions when I’m older

  17. Honestly if the conversions are correct this is way too little. I got like 1,6 liters which is way under the recommended amount

  18. According to googles conversions the example he used was over 400kg. Is that even possible for a human?

  19. I once slept through 2 period straight without anyone noticing then we had a workshop so..a very intresting day

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