How To Find Love & BUILD SEXUAL DESIRE In A Relationship how to

How To Find Love & BUILD SEXUAL DESIRE In A Relationship #buildempire


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0:00 Jeffrey
0:37 Adonis
1:21 My experiences with girls
2:25 My biggest regret
3:16 Masculine and Feminine Polarity
3:44 What is masculine energy (And how it attracts women)
5:19 This is attractive to women
6:14 This is NOT attractive to women
9:08 What is polarity between men and women?
12:00 Me and my woman are NOT equals
13:22 My mistakes with becoming masculline

#Hamza #HamzaAhmed #SelfImprovement

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  1. Actually opened my eyes on this topic thanks to this video…i had nothing to criticize, its just facts

  2. 🖤🖤🔥🔥🔥

  3. the part where adonis kidnapped a girl and did some wwe stuff with her was a joke ( gotta precise nowadays)

  4. Simon Marousek FX

    what if selfimprovement is the next religion

  5. Legend 😆

  6. Velocigamer 567

    Hey Hamza, I unfortunately can’t join your video idea livestreams in the mornings so I wanted to give you one now; how to talk to Women

  7. Diabetus Maximus

    The true meaning of ‘opposites attract’…!

  8. I’ve been setting my phone screentime on the apps that i use the most (IG 30 mins, SC 3h, TT1h etc.) and ive been seeing some progress lately about how i cant use ig or tt anymore like i used to but i still cant help with snapping people. i am at a point where i wouldnt feel a difference deleting tiktok. but idk what to do for snapchat so if anyone wants to help ill be very happy.

  9. bro the girl in the thumbnail looking… W thumbnail designer

  10. you cant change yourself to please someones, because there will be csomeone that hates the new you anyway. By trying to please others its endless circle

  11. Bro video every day and with creativity how, please make same video about that.

  12. Bro I’ll be honest, there’s some videos of yours that I’ve commented hate on because of how I disagree with some of the stuff you do and say (now deleted because I’m a grown man and not a jeffery) but I still can’t believe you’ve hit a million subs in only 2 years and I truly truly respect the hard work you’ve put in. It’s incredible like honestly don’t let it go over your head bro 👏🏼❤️

  13. 100% agree with you not wanting to spend everyday with your gf. It’s the same with your friends, would you want to be with them everyday? No. It’d get boring. Seeing each other, anyone… a few times a week, even a week apart etc.. there’s more to talk about and you appreciate your time with them when you’re with them.

    Be present when you’re with them… when you’re not, doing your own shit.

  14. Hamza. You’re so inspiring bro. Every video of yours I’ve watched has pointed out a habit or a part of my personality and just shows me how ass backwards I’ve been living life. I got to get more masculine and focus on me 🙏💯 appreciate the knowledge you put out into the world

  15. jul auf YouTube

    Props to the cutter
    the videos getting better and better

  16. needed this

  17. Bro Adonis has just killed his wife

  18. Mateusz Kozlowski

    Image watching livestream of Hazma recording videos instead of turning off YouTube and focusing on work

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