How to Find Your Perfect Static in FFXIV how to

How to Find Your Perfect Static in FFXIV #buildempire


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Hi friends, if you don’t already have a static and are interested in finding one to tackle the current p5-p8s tier, then I don’t think it’s too late to do so and I wish you the best of luck in finding a great static!

*Discords for Progging/Clearing Ultimates:*
Ultimate Primal Raiding –
Ultimate Crystal Raiding –
Ultimate Aether Raiding –
Ultimate Uncoiled –
Materia Ultimate Raiding (OC) –

*General Raiding*
Crystal Raiders –
FFXIV Recruitment – Savage, Ultimate, and More –
FFXIV Recruiter –
Primal Raid Network –
Primal Raid Community –
Party Finder Nightmares –
Europe Raiding Central –

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  1. Also for Materia Data Centre Discord:

  2. Those are some good questions. I just want to experience the battle,
    but what puts me off is that there are fixed times,
    which reminds me too much of a job / (real) work,
    so I’d rather do it in PF.

  3. Someone Comenting

    I feel that the real problem the the mentality of static is that there’s no in between.

    Either you got a super softcore group that can’t clear because their member is always MIA during the raid days.w The boss is never centered.

    Either you got a bunch of people who expect you to raid 3 days a week and more. The addionnal days are told to be mandatory but member will be angry over the fact that you aren’t at the same progress as they are (they raided every day of the week). On top of that grey parse and green parse are a sin. Even if you aren’t BIS. (You can clear with grey parse)

    This dosen’t exist:
    A group that really meet 2 days a week. Do not expect you to get some party finder actions. Can play decent enough to clear and doesn’t refuse to learn. Doesn’t have member who raid every day and get annoyed over the fact that you missed the devour mechanic including the tower of P5S after 3 tries while not taking intro account that he had like 20 pull during the week with other groups.

  4. Thank you for this amazing video!
    I’m playing FF on and off since ARR release and the past few years i always wanted to tackle savage and even ultimate raids but was always kind of afraid. Extreme Trials are hella fun to the point where i can’t wait for the next one to release. But as soon as it goes into the territory of not just jumping into a random group in party finder i got cold feet.
    Your advise and the discord links help a lot.
    Much love ❤

  5. cost of art entertainment

    whole time i’m just tranna get into a small fc with discord that actually plays and talks together XD

  6. Диана В.

    LFG/Parsing Discord for EU and NA:

  7. Michał Michałowy

    Many times random pf players were better then the uncomplete static 6/8, 7/8 in PF. So I have terrible experience with statics right now

  8. are you in a static?

  9. Inam at this weird point where I think I should find a static… I happily bash my head against a boss for 2 to 3 hours with frienss I know but feel like the worst player ever wehen going into pf amd mess up a mechanic.

  10. I haven’t experienced the friends issues here, but I did go through this in WoW. Some of my best friends I’ve made online were in that game, but after more than a decade of playing, some of these people just became less invested or capable over time. A lot of it was just real life stuff getting in the way, people starting families, or just getting older. And it can be tough when you want to do stuff with your friends, but it gets to a point where it becomes impossible to do challenging content with them anymore.

    Good video though! I’ll check out the discords. I’ve had enough devour disband groups in PF that I want to change it up haha.

  11. シンドュリ

    Ever since the lunar envoy gear came out, I’ve been thinking of joining a static to be able clear P7S so this video came out at a great time! Still working on my rotation and not over healing but I’m excited to start raiding in the current tier for the first time ○/ Thanks for the video!

  12. I only have problem with statics cause they cant adjust time of raids cause of my work.. so guess ill never improve in this game as having real good group cause mine job is like that .. so im back to league again.. cleared p5s but im tired of searching static

  13. A very good video! And Awesome advice! 🙂

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