How to fit a Grohe mixer tap | 3/8 tap install how to

How to fit a Grohe mixer tap | 3/8 tap install #buildempire


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In this video I install a Grohe 23356 BauEdge Single Lever Mono Basin Mixer tap. This can be a difficult job due to the lack of access, in this particular case, it was in a small vanity unit. Grohe make excellent quality products, which is often why they are installed in most hotel bathrooms! I bought the tap in 2021 and never thought to check the connections. The tap I purchased should have had ½”BSP fittings, but they sent me one with 3/8” BSP tails, which meant buying the adaptors etc.

Here are links to some of the fittings and tools that I used in the video-
Tap tail adaptors-
15mm to 3/8” flat faced isolation valve-
Split ring compression nut spanner-
Box spanners-

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  1. Frank Spencer

    Could you be lazy and just turn off the current isolation valves, even with the high mains pressure?

  2. Great video thanks for sharing. I recently put in Grohe taps, really nice. They came with a free spanner and also with a replacement pop-up waste. I sceptical of the pop-up waste when I first saw it (because the connector it was all plastic) but it has really cool double thread design with no route for water to get to the outer thread, so no pumbers mait needed.

  3. Peter Johnson

    Shame you couldn’t have removed the U Bend to allow easy access. Last year I changed a tap but neglected to check the length of, and connector size, of tails supplied with the tap. Had a right carry on on what should have been a quick job. Videos like this are an invaluable source of credible info when you are just an amateur DIYer.

  4. loafer sheffield

    You can get 1/2″ tails to 3/8th” adaptors to pop into ballofix valves, 15mm-1/2″ rad unions are useful, but the cost compared with buying in the incorporated 3/8th flat ballofix is around the same (the link you supplied) and less faffing involved. Thanks for the suggestion. Gonna buy a pair in..just in case.
    BTW, FAF stands for fiddly as f^&k.

  5. You did well there faffing about under the sink. I’m not as flexible as I use be so it’s always strenuous doing something like this. Still it beats paying top dollar to a plumber. Great demo and instructions 👍👍.

  6. Nicely done: I liked your method of using the box spanner combined with the ratchet. Like many I’ve struggled with the hoses wanting to twist during installation, never easy in those cramped spaces under a sink, so the swivel sounds like something I’d look for next time around. BTW: Good to see you back on here 🙂

  7. Mehdi Hajizamani

    Thank you for the video. Interestingly, last night I have installed one (very similar to this one). In the manual, they suggested to open the tap filter (at the end of the tap), after the installation and run the water for around 2 minutes. And only after, put back the filter on. maybe it is because if something from the factory (metal shavings for example) remained in the pipe, does not damage the filter.

  8. It takes between 20-30 minutes – if you are not videoing it.😉👍

  9. I can’t believe this. I replaced my kitchen tap with a mono block yesterday, mine doesn’t have the threaded bar and brass nut. It had a threaded collar and plastic sleeve that you hand tight.
    As you say it’s tight especially fighting between a double sink.

  10. 👍You are number one.👍

  11. Ultimate Handyman Sharing what you know with us is great video Take care and have a great day
    PRODIGY Ultimate Handyman
    From Nick Ayivor from London England UK 🇬🇧

  12. Luke Dangles-McKenzie

    Well done recording that. Perfect. Could see everything you needed to see.
    Thank you.

  13. Does the UK still have that odd hot water/cold water split? I remember visiting 12 years ago and finding it weird how the hot water and cold water came from two completely separate chambers.

  14. Great video, I’ve done a few taps and the advice you gave about using a ratchet is great, I never thought of that, it would save having to undo waste pipes to get the extensions on the box spanner’s 👍

  15. Think you took a bit of a risk using old olive without PTFE …

  16. Ultimate Handyman

    I bought this tap in 2021, but was too busy to install it. When I looked at the tap I released the tails were 3/8”BSP, having checked the item on eBay, it should have come with ½”BSP tails. I guess it’s a bit late to complain over a year after the purchase!
    I hope everyone has a great Sunday 😉

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