How to fix rusty cab corners without patch panels on our 1955 Chevy Napco clone. how to

How to fix rusty cab corners without patch panels on our 1955 Chevy Napco clone. #buildempire


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Part 7 of our Chevy Napco clone. In this video we get the second a pillar fixed and work our way to the back. Here we show how to make some cab corner panels from scratch with some bare steel.

00:00 Game plan
00:57 fixing drivers rust on door post
10:55 Making lower a pillar rust repair
21:28 wire brushing the rear cab corners.
25:35 Building the back cab corners
34:26 Building rear rocker panel
37:20 Building upper cab corner.
44:30 Building second cab corner full time lapses.

My Train’s A Comin’ – Unicorn Heads
Called Upon – Silent Partner
Blue Break – Silent Partner
Blue Break – Silent Partner
Frank’s Last Chase – DJ Williams
Eletrosamba – Quincas Moreira
The Engagement – Silent Partner

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  1. Bonjour mon ami … great job and such a pleasure to watch you work thru it. On the subject of the interior vents, just a thought that instead of fully boxing in the vent, perhaps add a water/vent at the bottom like 2″ square and then tack in some mesh to allow drain AND prevent future “Rodent” protection ???

  2. Coherant bliss

    “it’s only metal”…Brent have you ever thought about taking a 90’s dodge truck (4×4) (or other truck) and make it “stealth” looking haha? I have. Add sheet metal to all the rounded corners making them sharp corners…sounds like a fun project…yes? no? hehe. Imagination…watching Barney too much haha. peace

  3. Samuraithirtyseven

    Watching this gives me confidence to finally tackle my MG.

  4. 35m 05s, shaping the lower corner piece was magic to watch. Metal shaping wizardry. Stay safe.

  5. Looks great thanks for sharing another great video

  6. Another great video. You make it look easy!

  7. It looks great in my opinion, thankyou for another great video, and hey Pablo is looking good, bouncing around like a pup when it’s time to go home,maby git a snack before bedtime.

  8. Hi again Halfass Kustoms from here in the D Michigan 😁😎 hey Thanks for your time and video of your project build of the Napco 4+4 , it’s a pleasure watching you weld, giving me insight to patch panel’s 🔥🤩😎😁

  9. PABLO said it was late i was sleepy forgot the way to the house old age is tough sometimes middle 70s i know good patch on the clip

  10. …you make it look easy, Brent…I know that it’s not…..

  11. David Solloway

    Congrats on 115K subs! Nice job on the patch panels, you make it look easy!

  12. Frank Schwartz

    Hmmm…what would Fitzee do?

  13. Brent very much enjoyed your work on the shaping tools and wheel Been a while👍❤️🇨🇦

  14. Using scissors with gloves on not a problem 😅

  15. Borrow your knowledge every day Mr B, still working on y modle T

  16. Post, pillar, L n R cab corners, n rocker panels sliced-diced-hammered, streched n shrunk, gonna get out da hospital bed out fer da patient. Let’s go in dad, follow me!

  17. Seeing the two previous classic Hot Rods I was thinking, why not install a Corvair engine, have the transaxle in back and reverse the shrouds (unique and out of the box)? 😉

  18. Cab corners came out nice – and quickly.

    As always, thanks for the great work and interesting content 😎

  19. Crusty Rusty’s Restoration

    Awesome job on the cab corners! I definitely need to add the stretcher and shrinker to our arsenal. Great video!

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