How to Fix Your Posture (INSTANT CHANGES!) how to

How to Fix Your Posture (INSTANT CHANGES!) #buildempire


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If you want to improve your posture, here are 3 amazing tips to create instant but LASTING changes. Collaboration today with @WenningStrength

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  1. Where is the reverse plank in this video?

  2. Always helpful

  3. OprahStoleMyKFC

    Mf wearing slides

  4. Dominic Ludovice

    What happens if you wear 3d glasses and watch the intro?

  5. Would be great if you make video about bent row

  6. Sam Justforthenet

    Please where is the labrum fix vide

  7. Shantanu Sapru

    Love these collabs with the legend Matt Wenning!!

  8. Kiril Shahamov

    this video arrives 1h after I start panicking because of pain

  9. Realzies Cuts

    This video is so legendary 🏆
    Thank God I just did planks side planks and suitcase carries yesterday! ✊
    125 days no alcohol! 🥇🏆

  10. Excellent as always! Something for the scoliosis gang would be awesome too. :^)

  11. Been waiting it. Really nice video as always

  12. anyone else immediately think of Jeff from Athlean-X when seeing the facepulls? 😆

  13. Sorry but this is not true. Posture is mainly from genetics, mood and very individuel from person to person.

    Posture is a frequent topic of discussion for patients, clinicians, the media, and society. A common belief is that spinal pain is caused by sitting, standing, or bending “incorrectly.”

    Despite the absence of strong evidence to support these common beliefs, a large posture industry has flourished, with many interventions and products claiming to “correct” posture and prevent pain.

    Unfortunately, many health care professionals provide advice in line with this non–evidence-based perspective”

    “The iatrogenic nature of low back pain is a reminder of the clinician’s responsibility to be mindful of the language we use. Advice given by clinicians can lead to fear and encourage hypervigilance. Here are some examples.”

    “1. There is no single “correct” posture. Despite common posture beliefs, there is no strong evidence that one optimal posture exists or that avoiding “incorrect” postures will prevent back pain.

    2. Differences in postures are a fact of life. There are natural variations in spinal curvatures, and there is no single spinal curvature strongly associated with pain. Pain should not be attributed to relatively “normal” variations.

    3. Posture reflects beliefs and mood. Posture can offer insights into a person’s emotions, thoughts, and body image. Some postures are adopted as a protective strategy and may reflect concerns regarding body vulnerability. Understanding reasons behind preferred postures can be useful.

    4. It is safe to adopt more comfortable postures. Comfortable postures vary between individuals. Exploring different postures, including those frequently avoided, and changing habitual postures may provide symptom relief.

    5. The spine is robust and can be trusted. The spine is a robust, adaptable structure capable of safely moving and loading in a variety of postures. Common warnings to protect the spine are not necessary and can lead to fear.

    6. Sitting is not dangerous. Sitting down for more than 30 minutes in one position is not dangerous, nor should it always be avoided. However, moving and changing position can be helpful, and being physically active is important for your health.

    7. One size does not fit all. Postural and movement screening does not prevent pain in the workplace. Preferred lifting styles are influenced by the naturally varying spinal curvatures, and advice to adopt a specific posture or to brace the core is not evidence based.”

    J Orthop Sports Phys Ther. 2019 Aug;49(8):562-564. doi: 10.2519/jospt.2019.0610. “Sit Up Straight”: Time to Re-evaluate. Slater D, Korakakis V, O’Sullivan P, Nolan D, O’Sullivan K.

  14. Andrew Esterline

    Matt is a great person as well as a great lifter. One of the many reasons why Columbus, Ohio is the strongest city in the world.

  15. Still Rolling

    Great video👊

  16. Billy.Wizard.23

    You should change your thumbnail. Change the position of the subjects. The visual image looks like a tutorial of how to screw your back.

  17. Excellent video!

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