How to Form Threads In Less Than 1 Second how to

How to Form Threads In Less Than 1 Second #buildempire


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Thread Rolling on the Tornos GT32 | A Complete Guide.

For more information on the machine in the video visit: Tornos –

00:00 Instant Threads
00:19 What is Thread Rolling
01:20 LMT Fette Head Breakdown
03:03 Setup of Thread Roller
03:55 Adjusting Screw Form with 17-4 Stainless Steel
05:45 Explaining Adjustments
06:38 Programming
07:15 Experimenting with Brass, Aluminum, and Super Duplex
10:35 Conclusion

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  1. we use one of these were i work but have to manually reset it. we run it with coolant in a turret lathe. Any suggestions on auto resetting it since im thinking we wont be able too with the coolant since it gets ran during the threading process already.

  2. used similar to this 20 years sago

  3. Scott Chappell

    Your only just doing now,I’ve been fettehead thread rolling for over 30 years,I thought you guys would of done this years ago,its one of the strongest threads

  4. How do we engineer one to be accurate within .0005

  5. What’s the max length you can roll ? That’s one of the limitations with sliding head machines as your limiting factor will be guide bush supporting the material.
    Thread whirling on the other hand that will turn and cut the thread maybe a better option. Hope you do a vid on that next. Man the driven tooling is expensive for these machines.

  6. Thank you Donnie!! Best part of waking up is Titans in your cup.

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