How to get a basket of fries from McDonald’s! how to

How to get a basket of fries from McDonald’s! #buildempire


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  1. eat only what sisters whole day

  2. Naveen Harjith

    Try tamil nadu food in full day

  3. Eat snow for 24 hours we will give you 25 subscribers

  4. I wish they had this on the app. I hate having to order at the window

  5. Lily Beth Ford

    can u eat Bojangles all day??


    Get a whole bucket of KFC and eat all with chopstick

  7. Mr_Penguin7155

    No I knew that for a while

  8. No way McDonald’s has a basket of fries?? Since when 😅

    Edit: Only in certain states 😑. Specifically in th South

  9. $463 for just french fries basket , WTF 😱

  10. Do they have that at Canadian McDonald’s

  11. Nate Fleischer

    I just found out about this a week ago

  12. Akash Baviskr

    Eat blueberry flavour things for the whole day plss

  13. christian rushing

    Eat at Chili’s for the day

  14. Andrew Nguyen


  15. Yes, you are the only person lol.

  16. It’s not new its been a thing for years!

  17. Who doesn’t know this?

  18. Bro called me single in 13 different languages ☠️ 🤚

  19. Can we just appreciate how much he does to make us entertaind

  20. Almost first

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