How to Get A Date No Matter What You Look Like how to

How to Get A Date No Matter What You Look Like #buildempire


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  1. solid

  2. Women want attractive men? Then why is it that im attractive my self and not any women are interested in me? I live in new york as well but buffalo i heard your in the NYC area. These women up here suck worst area to meet women is up north.

  3. I’m living in Italy can I order it?

  4. jose where did you get that grey zipper jacket?

  5. This man went from an awesome fashion youtuber to a salesman. Can’t blame him though, he has a family to feed. You can still occasionally market your products whilst still turning out amazing content.

  6. vakeesan Vaikuntharajah

    Bro I justed catched feelings for a cool girl and man this is exactly what I needed. I thinks Jose can read minds

  7. 👉 BUY YOUTUBE VIEWS 👉 Link in Bio

    You definitely deserve higher views

  8. Stealing thumbnail ideas I see
    Also your content sucks ass Jose, never have you given us like ACTUAL advice. Like what specific brands to buy, well , except maybe YOUR ugly ass essential brand lmaoooo

  9. I love how he’s been ending his videos lately, like mic drop once he’s done talking.

  10. Hey bro. The tip “Force yourself out of your comfort bubble, comfort zone”… Is it good or bad news if you the things you’re doing “out of your comfort zone” are becoming your comfort zone ? Like, everything you said doesn’t “give you a challenge” to go out of your comfort bubble ? I feel like that now.
    I’m doing things i could not do before, because it was too “scary”… But now that i do it, it’s not impressive to me at all, should i do something different ?

    Thanks for your videos man, keep up the good work.
    Also sorry for my spelling, i’m french 🙂

  11. I just post myself holding a rubber duck in my hand, haha!

  12. hey man how increse height like you

  13. tbh your the way you wore your hoodie is kinda disturbing

  14. Yo!!!! You need to do so I can buy this to Denmark bro….

  15. hazel sihlangu

    Jose is back again

  16. Self Improvement with Angel Lorenzo

    Jose is right about focusing on one girl. Until you have an abundance mindset, I would recommend that you focus on multiple girls. Men fall in love much faster than women.

  17. How to approach women at the club

  18. This guy is an amazing spokesman wow

  19. So i need to socialize even more so i can become a chad.

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