How to get a sugar daddy how to

How to get a sugar daddy #buildempire


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David is FINALLY paying Adam back… because of his Sugar Daddy

Special guest: David Correos


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  1. Oh Rowan what you going to do when you find out the truth probably punch Adam for not telling you

  2. So now we know where all the Patreon money go… *TAKE IT !!!* 🤑

  3. Wow, these deepfakes are getting better and better. David looks 100% like Jennifer Lawrence here.

  4. Can we please see some out-takes please! I can imagine the laughter that would have been going on while filming this 😂😂😂

  5. Syaz Mlbb 🇧🇳

    When he said “You look even more beautiful” caught me off guard.

  6. Well, we’re talking about a guy who fell in love with a chatbox so…

  7. Google wouldn’t answer this question. Thanks vlvd. Now I’m rich

  8. TheReal008Zulu

    Can’t believe they got Jennifer! But, where did David go?

  9. He could be anyone in this room.
    It could be you.
    It could be me!
    It could even be…

  10. OMG my stomach is bursting. lmao.


  11. damnfunnychicken

    dafuq xD ..weirdo ^^

  12. H.H. Knight Reviews

    These skits are like Looney Tunes cartoons sometimes. 🤦

  13. Honeypea Digital

    Damn you’ll got Jennifer Lawrence to collab, that’s dope.

  14. Just a reminder: Adam isn’t jealous. He has a girlfriend 5x hotter than Jennifer Lawrence and a motorcycle to go with it. 😁

  15. I saw David on a UK advert for Celebrations chocolates the other day, he’s brilliant 😂

  16. The Docklighter

    Woah, what’s with that jump cut? First David was there talking to Alan about cat-fishing some guy and then all of the sudden Jennifer Lawrence appears and she and Rowan have some sort if romance thing? What happened to David and that cat-fishing story arc??

    I know you guys got funding for a new VLDL studio and all, but you gotta hire better editors, but I can see the money went into hiring A-listers like Jennifer Lawrence – what a coup, guys!

  17. Michaël pilot

    Luckily, neither David nor Rowan seem to really know what the idiom ‘Sugar baby’ entails.

  18. As soon as Rowan walked in it started to make sense.

  19. 0:05 Why does it sound like: „Schön dich zu sehen“?

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