how to get level 100 in season 2 insanely fast how to

how to get level 100 in season 2 insanely fast #buildempire


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how to get level 100 in season 2 insanely fast
#youtubeshorts #shorts #fortnite #competitivefortnite #chapter4

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 has finally arived, with new locations like Aldea, Hot Springs, Kenjutsu Crossroads, and Mega City- but, along with these locations, we have new Season 2 battle pass skins, all of which are themed around a Japanese-esq theme! In addition, the Eren Yeager skin is also the secret skin for this battle pass, and today we take a look at how the outfit looks completed, in-game- let me know if you guys are satisfied with this Fortnite X Attack On Titan outfit, and it’s entire set- but, today I show you guys how to unlock TIER 100 extremely quick, using this XP Map for Chapter 4 Season 2 XP- Let me know if it helps you guys max your battle pass to tier 100!! 💯😱😏

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  1. (to be honest, the fastest way is going to be to buy the whole battle pass) 💀 in all seriousness though hope this helps, if you’re unable to get the battle pass we have a giveaway going down in my DISCORD for 3- 100% real giveaways, and we have dozens of users who can vouch on our behalf 🙂 FEEL FREE TO JOIN!! 👀😏💯



  3. Honestly Bp is W🔥

  4. XP Island with interact button props rn: Yeaaa, ima about get rest.

  5. Bella mappa pero troppi glich

  6. Can I get banned for this

  7. Sandra Jurkovac


  8. Hyperthegoatnocap

    100 skin is trash

  9. Forceoftheslayer

    New battle pass is mid asf and they did eren dirty

  10. should put the code in desc so can just copy and paste

  11. 6 xp per tick dont give you 100k in 4 minutes

  12. the grind begins once again

  13. Losing b

  14. Young uncle roger

    Step one dont play fortnite

  15. The mizuki skin looks like a Japanese style samus

  16. Step one waste 80 dollars on tier 100

  17. Sticky Blicky

    Why you can’t build for the final one you reach a certain height then just says can’t build

  18. Map code: 7259-3593-7639v43

  19. I love the new battle pass

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