How To Get Shredded – Step by Step Diet, Training & Cardio Explained how to

How To Get Shredded – Step by Step Diet, Training & Cardio Explained #buildempire


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The Worst Fat Loss Diet I Ever Did & How I FINALLY Got Shredded – Science Explained

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00:00 – Timestamps
00:30 – My Start Point
00:50 – Diet Set Up – Mistake 1
01:40 – How Long Should You Diet For?
02:36 – The Fat Loss Diet – Mistake 2
04:54 – Why You Shouldn’t Cut Carbs
07:50 – Cardio & Training – Mistake 3
08:42 – Metabolic Adaptation
11:18 – Fat Loss Guide

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  1. I swear when I saw the white fish I thought if the fish and a ricecake clip 😂

  2. Thanks Dad

  3. Jordan Davis


    Great video! I have a couple of questions – how do you suggest someone track their weight when determining their progress? Would you determine a starting weight from one weigh in before starting and use a weekly average from then on or do you suggest a different method?

    Again, great video and I’m excited to start this fat loss journey!

  4. Eugene! How do you feel about coaches, during prep, don’t count vegetables (particularly greens) as calories in your diet? Speaking from experience I have lost bf% and weight while not counting greens as calories, but how do you feel about it?

  5. Damn, so close to finishing the video but distracted by the new hairdo again

  6. What a great video!! If you ever get a chance to reply to this, i am interested in the consequences of this crazy diet you did at the time and the way it affected your physical health. Thanks and can’t wait for the next one<3

  7. mma boxing it's the best sports in the world 💪👊

    1. genetics
    2. genetics
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    5. genetics
    6. genetics
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    8. genetics

  8. Super video🔥🔥 Great channel bro

  9. I’ve been watching for a while for the great lifting and life advice but I have to comment for the Rush shirt. Unsure if you could get much cooler at this point

  10. Why were you taking 20g of creatine a day?

  11. My hands are super small so imma get shredded if I use the hand portion control method lol

  12. Late Night Stories w/ Nadia Miller

    his “D” got into the coma at that point (3 hour cardio 🤣🤣)

  13. George Phillips

    This is gold.

  14. Josh Lancaster

    Excellent video!

  15. Josh Lancaster

    How on earth did you stick to that prep, crazy dude

  16. Uncle Eugene, would love another video explaining the proper way to bulk up!!

  17. Playing football and bodybuilding cause injury?

  18. Appreciate the vid man, and the Aussie accent is refreshing too (from melb 🇦🇺)

  19. Going back to maintenance can’t be the point I started from. Right? Because in the end of my diet, my body will need much less calories then before to maintain body weight? How can I estimate my new maintenance at the end of my diet? Just trial and error?

  20. Fantastic video, I’m sitting here meal prepping. I work out 3 times a week, full body weights. I’m 236lbs at 6ft so about 35% bmi. I’m just trying to get to 20% but my t levels are 250ng per dcl. How much does testosterone affect the weight loss?

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