How To Get Started With Open Source | Make Your First Contribution. how to

How To Get Started With Open Source | Make Your First Contribution. #buildempire


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Open Source projects are one of your most valuable assets as a developer. It gives you a chance to work in a team environment and truly work on real-world applications. Why not take advantage of this opportunity, and show your skills as a top-notch programmer 🧑‍💻

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⏲ Timestamps ⏲

00:00 Intro to Open Source Contributions
00:11 What is an Open Source Contribution?
00:42 Story Time! My First Contribution
01:19 Finding the Repository
02:23 Fork the Repository
03:07 Copy & Clone the Repository
04:20 Change Directory
05:43 Remote Add Upstream & Pull Latest Updates
06:45 Create Working Branch
07:56 Add Your Changes
9:00 Add, Commit & Push Your Changes
10:15 Create Pull Request
12:08 More Career Tips & Tricks?


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  1. Kingslayerabir Rion

    I contribute on ZTM html project but no one update that

  2. Abdulhakeem Yinka Adisa

    Nice one easy to follow. Thumbs 👍

  3. Clifford Isaiah Opoku

    Can we contribute to that repo just for practices seek?

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