How To Get Your “Happily Ever After” how to

How To Get Your “Happily Ever After” #buildempire


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An entire masterclass in love, relationships & getting your “happily ever after”. See below for timestamps & chapters.⬇

00:00:00 Introduction
00:02:02 What did Alexis do to change her life?
00:04:09 How did Alexis find true love?
00:05:15 Anna’s advice if you’re feeling stuck
00:07:01 The myth about “leveling up”

00:14:01 How did Alexis meet her fiancé?
00:14:48 Why Alexis go on Tinder specifically?
00:15:24 Who contacted who first on Tinder?
00:15:57 What impression did her fiancé leave on Tinder?
00:16:58 How do Tinder profiles of high quality men look?

00:19:14 What did Alexis’ fiancé write in the first message?
00:19:48 What led Alexis to want to meet him in person?
00:20:19 What motivated Alexis to level up her career?
00:20:59 Can you find quality men on a tiny island?
00:22:01 The BEST location to meet quality men

00:24:12 Was it love at first sight for Alexis?
00:24:55 Tips for success on a first date
00:25:39 How to speak about marriage without looking needy?
00:27:02 When should you set your marriage expectations?
00:28:13 Navigating marriage and babies with men

00:31:15 How is it to date someone with a child?
00:32:49 What made her fiancé stand out compared to other men?
00:34:44 When Anna failed at matchmaking
00:36:06 When he’s “perfect” but it doesn’t work out
00:37:27 A common dating mistake women make!

00:38:26 How a wake-up call can present itself
00:39:05 How to find the strength to walk away a bad relationship?
00:40:50 How to identify a bad relationship?
00:42:23 When he looks perfect on paper, but…
00:45:18 What kind of people achieve success?

00:46:42 Dealing with intimacy fears
00:49:45 How one can resolve all their problems?
00:50:55 Where to meet quality men?
00:52:04 Where Anna thinks you should meet men
00:53:18 How to know if a man is a “quality man”?

00:55:39 The myths about “high-value men”
00:56:25 Why is it so hard for women to meet quality men?
00:57:58 How to find commitment minded men?
01:00:58 Don’t try to be perfect!
01:01:41 How to get in touch with Alexis
01:03:05 Some news from Anna…

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  1. Alexis Glam - From Situationship to Relationship

    Thank you so much for having me ❤ I hope you all enjoyed it! 💕

    Remember: you deserve to be loved and cherished, no matter what you’ve been trough 💕

  2. Thank you for the information. Both of you are wonderful.

  3. Arushi Patiyal

    We find love when we least expect because when we leave every expectations and hopes we just become ourselves, we stop pretending like someone.
    And when we become and completely accept ourselves the way we we our , we *Glow differently*, that glow, beauty, and confidence attracts the love interest, opportunities in our life.
    That’s why as cliche as it sounds “Be yourself” ❤

  4. Somewhere I believe it depends on destiny too. Very good video. Also enjoy your break Anna. ♥️ You’re also leveling up so 2023 would be bang. Happy New Year to my Anna and dear Alexis

  5. When you stop thinking about wanting someone in your life, you start thinking about your needs and about yourself. So that’s why it happens when you least expect it. 😆😍i like this videos.

  6. Anna, thank you for this video! Your makeup is so eye-catching. I loved it.

  7. Will watch the rest after some sleep. So far ladies I am enjoying this format. Remember the saying ‘to open up to truly love someone, you must first learn to love yourself’. 🇦🇺🌸♥️

  8. Katya Gullickson

    What an intelligent and well-spoken friend that you brought on! She addressed some very valid and insightful points.

  9. This is very timely. I’m in the stage of my life where I am sure that I already want to be in a serious relationship. I am learning a lot from this chitchat. Thanks Anna and Alexis ❤

  10. yeahweburnstuff

    ‘The guy before THE guy.’ Soooo true!

  11. What an elegant and adult interview. It is very reassuring to listen to you ❤️

  12. I love this format and would love more content like this! Thank you Anna!

  13. I would watch regularly if Anna has podcast videos or videos like this…❤️

  14. TechGalDiaries

    Love these longer form of chit chat videos!

  15. Desiree Martin

    I honestly believe that GOD is who the resource of joy and love comes from. When you place GOD in the center of your life and pray for a husband, you will be given what is in His will. This is the deepest resource of the riches of life. You can have all of these people, material things, and a partner, but if you are depressed and are not with GOD, all of these things do not feel like anything.

  16. *Making money is an action. Keeping money is behavioral discipline , but “Growing money is intelligence” I heard this from someone 🌟*

  17. Allison Dooley

    The casual, unscripted format is lovely! Thank you, Anna and Alexis!

  18. Yassmine Marouane

    Absolutely loooove this type of content 🤍

  19. Anna uploaded 1 hour lon video. my life is complete now😘😘

  20. I have a husband ,and I’m happy 😃 but!
    I’m watching this because you ladies look good and im also manifesting good friends.
    To be able to Sit down like this and have great conversations.

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