How to get your MacBook to Last 10 years! (Apple Won’t Tell You!) how to

How to get your MacBook to Last 10 years! (Apple Won’t Tell You!) #buildempire


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The best part about Apple’s MacBooks is that they usually last a long time, up to around 10 years. However, that isn’t always the case. Some of them only last a few.. and the owner is to blame.

Here are some tips to get your MacBook to last 10 years so you can resell it at any time with awesome performance and reliability still left on the clock!

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  1. Thanks to Mailchimp for sponsoring a portion of this video! 
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  2. Dragons in Genesis Podcast

    I used my previous MacBook for 11 years.

  3. But still Macbook 2021 drains when you close the lid ( all apps closed ) in 4 days it’s dead. Apple still have not fixed it.

  4. I have 16GB and 1TB SSD on my M1 Air and my RAM is always full and there is swap too. Next time I have to buy 32GB. And I’m not pro user. Just E-mail, Safari, Acrobat reader, Messenger, … And battery is another crap. After 1 year 88% of battery. No games, no heat, no zero discharge. Like baby care and nothing helps.

  5. Please do a iPad video like this one

  6. Get as different sponsor!

  7. My 15 inch mid 2014 15 inch i7 macbook pro still works perfect everyday. Since it was bought new it has worked every day , mostly in clamshell mode . Still the first battery and it will last about 2.30h for most standard tasks. My wife has an m1 macbook air and in comparison it is of course slower for more demanding tasks, but for most basic things the difference is frankly minimal. I am still very satisfied with this macbook pro.

  8. Brandon Cabjuan

    Lol, my 2012 MBA is still working, but the battery is shot. I remember remember getting like 12-15 hrs when I first got it. Now it barely last an hour or two on charge 😆 the 14” pro is on sale at Best Buy right now and I may pick this up to replace it

  9. Cristian Baluta

    Why would anybody even turn the brightness to max, you are all working on a beach in Malibu? Mine is at 50% during the day and lower at night.

  10. *Video starts at* 1:31

  11. To increase the number of TBW (which increases the life of an SSD), buying a greater capacity SSD will give longer life to a MacBook Pro. In the video, Vadim’s example mentions 256GB =150TBW, and 512GB=300TBW. Thus a 1TB SSD would have a 600TBW, and a 2TB SSD would have a 1200TBW. This means a 4TB SSD should have 2400TBW, and outlive a 256GB SSD by a factor of 16 times!

    I’m typing this on a late 2013 MBP. It still works fine, and by using a plastic shell type case and a clear vinyl keyboard protector, this computer still looks almost like new. A year ago, I replaced both the battery, and this MBPs little 512GB SSD with a 2TB SSD from OWC. Also, while I had the MBP apart, I removed the heatsink so I could clean out the original, dried-out thermal paste, and replaced that with new.

    I do have some software that runs fairly slowly on this computer’s i7 Quad-Core CPU, and did purchase a 16-inch M1 Max when they came on the market. However this older MBP is still going strong. It will be interesting to how long this MBP will work.

    The limit I’ve run into with it is the age of the Mac OS. It can only go as far as Big Sur, although it is running Mojave at the moment.

  12. Cristian Baluta

    Fk it, when m1pro came out you insisted on us to not waste money on 32Gb ram because ssd is so fast. Turns out it was a bad advice.

  13. Low Power mode sounds good. I’ll give it a try for a day and see if I notice the difference or not. I mainly use it for Word, web browsing, watching movies, and Zoom. Let’s see. Thank you so much for the AlDente app. I really need it because I usually connect my Mac to the TV and it always charges to 100% except for some nights when it will pause at 80% and finish charging by 6:30 in the morning.

  14. I keep my MacBook Pro 16 inch plugged in all the time.
    It drops down to 77% and stays there.
    I spoke with Apple, and they said this is the proper way.
    But they also recommended to use the battery and Restart at least once a week.
    I owned it for over a year, the battery is still 100% and battery cycle count is 36.
    I have not been restarting it, nor letting the battery cycle down.

  15. I am still rocking my MBP 2012 13 inch daily. Still have that optical CD reader, lol. Changed to 500GB SSD and the ram to 8GB only 5 years ago. Still rocking occasional Ps and Ai, using Figma all the time while having multiple chrome tabs open. Hot? Yes. Battery lasts only 3 hrs? Yes. Running smoothly with no lag? ALSO YESS. Am currently celebrating my macbook’s a decade birthday this month. 🎉

    When will I change? When my macbook is done. Like the ‘done’ done. (Or 3nm ARM Chip rolled out. Haha 😛)

    My verdict: Macbook is so cheap bcs it lasts waaaayy longer than any other laptop.

  16. I have an MacBook pro 2019 13” four thunderbolt max out and I don’t know if my Mac will last up to 2029 becouse keyboard will fail for sure… I have AppleCare+ and I will change it in January maybe

  17. Hey max, great video but I do have a question about battery. I rarely charge it in one go and it never go down below 40% but in order to protect my battery I have started to an app called ALdente which limits the charge and I have set it to charge up to 69%. is it better or worst for the batter life?

  18. Just change the battery when it’s time. It’s worth it.

  19. GooglePixeluTai

    to power users, I open up my MacBook air m1 today brand new, and set it up not started to work. My RAM usage is 7,09GB and my SWAP is 4,52GB I would recommend getting the 16GB version but surprisingly despite with this low amount RAM the usage it’s quite fast.

  20. Apple base model just like to scam customers and buy their product sooner than normal usage.

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