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  1. A man of sword🤺

    ahhh a hoodie, one of the many things I can use to hide the shame on my face from the whole world

  2. Armando Rosas

    The hoodie is the best. Forget about the nanomask.

  3. The MCU was a mistake

  4. Can we appreciate that this guy is always punching the bed in these shorts? (Im not a bot btw)

  5. Ahhh yes, a hoodie, my favourite way to hide myself when I commit crimes

  6. scarlet demon

    how to hide your identity in DC?
    you only need a goggle.

  7. Thanks man, I’m gonna commit multiple war crimes now and never get caught becuase of my drip iPod hoodie

  8. jacob.mon2.0

    Iron Man I don’t have a hoodie iron man but not in the suit I got you man

  9. Alpha Noodle

    don’t forget Mysterio is in the water monster fight right before it happens in this exact same disguise and looks right at the camera

  10. I Don’t Want To Go Back To College!

    How ‘bout the hoodless hoodie?

  11. So anyone in the MCU can use the Superman and Peter Griffin trick nice 👍

  12. i love your videos

  13. hoodie drip

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