How To Identify Psychopath how to

How To Identify Psychopath #buildempire


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  1. Your correct Richard…it all starts with immorality.

  2. Olalekan Feyisetan

    Donald Trump is a narcissist. His minions, the proud boys are mostly psychopaths

  3. Hello Richard I have been watching your videos for a long time and I have learned a lot but on this I am confused but I am autistic so please for give me if I am wrong David Icke says narcissistic and psychopaths are the same thing they have no empty so therefore narcissistic are psychopaths I do not think David Icke is because everything that come through Betty Shine the psychic medium has turned out to be true she sed not one man can save the world but man can give the message that can save the world and that man is David Icke I love David Icke obviously if in doubt trust David Icke that is my motto but like I say I am autistic so for give me if I am wrong keep up the good work take care peace and love xx

  4. Or, there is an overlap in behavior between psychopaths and stupid people. Most people in prison are woefully unintelligent. Both are completely lacking in empathy, but the stupid don’t have the capacity to imagine a hypothetical, e.g. walk in someone else’s shoes.

  5. Your last statement is SPOT ON!!

  6. I love your insight on such a matter that can cause confusion. Context wise, it helps in trying to differentiate other people’s definition of psychopath.

  7. AudaciousAmber

    I really enjoy your videos and explanations

  8. I’m confused 🤔. “If they don’t get caught, they are a narcissist” Huh?? 🤨🙃

  9. Just words to try to make sense of chaos. Isn’t that the truth.

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