How to Identify Your Love Language with Top Sex and Relationship Therapist how to

How to Identify Your Love Language with Top Sex and Relationship Therapist #buildempire


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Today we chat with leading relationship and sex therapist Dr. Laura Berman about how we can protect our energy and identify our love languages to improve our relationships! Dr. Laura breaks down the 5 love languages, enneagram levels & Human Design types – all tests that help you better understand, well, you. A deeper understanding of yourself and your wiring is key to enhancing all of your relationships. For all of our empaths, we learn how to discern between your anxiety and someone else’s (the team LOVED this tip!!). PLUS Dr. Laura shares easy practices we can all use to protect ourselves from the energies around us.

We hope you enjoy!

Podcast: The Language of Love with Dr. Laura Berman
IG: @drlauraberman

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