How to investigate excess deaths (clip) how to

How to investigate excess deaths (clip) #buildempire


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Investigating cause of excess deaths

In 1965, English statistician Sir Austin Bradford Hill

Causal relationships


The larger the association, the more likely that it is causal

Consistency, (reproducibility)

Consistent findings, different persons in different places


No other likely explanation


The effect has to occur after the cause (often with a delay)

Biological gradient, (dose response relationship)

Greater exposure should lead to greater incidence of the effect

(or indeed lower incident of effect)


A plausible mechanism between cause and effect


Between epidemiological and laboratory findings


Occasionally it is possible to appeal to experimental evidence


Analogies or similarities between the observed association and any other associations


May work if there is no permanent damage

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  1. Wakey Wakey TV

    It’s the injection

  2. Judith Parker

    Thankyou….its like being ”Ghosted’

  3. Sister 🥀

  4. Plant Perspectives

    To show it’s the vaccine, you have to show that the excess deaths aren’t caused by COVID-19 itself. And since virtually everyone’s had COVID, that could be difficult.

  5. Roberta Morrison

    What really gets me is that I just had something on my Facebook feed (14 Jan 23), saying that the FDA has detected a signal that the Bivalent jabs may cause Stroke. And it’s as quiet as the void about this?!
    Although I am seeing several doctors warning against the spike protein, and to avoid the jabs. Encluding one of the FDA’s vaccine approval board members calling for a halt to vaccinating children. I’m interested to see how long before he’s forced out.
    Thanks for all you do, John. It’s a dam shame that big pharma seems to be in total control of the medical system in North America and Europe. Nothing like having a psychopathic conglomerate feeding off of our governments to ruin your life.

  6. Karen Cain Bond

    We’ve been reduced to playing something close to the game “Taboo.” Without using this list of words, how might we communicate the intended meaning? WHO, do you get it yet, because this is a lethal game.

  7. Karina Bailey

    Agree with you 100%. Silence is not acceptable. Purely selfish but I’m thankful that I refused Mhra booster vaccines and will continue to do so. I had two AstraZeneca vaccines in early 2021 – I started to experience and reported my symptoms on ‘yellow card’ government reporting website (many tests showed that there was nothing physically wrong)… I’m still experiencing the symptoms two years on. And will NEVER have another vaccine unless it is well used, tested and approved.

  8. basic wind tec

    Unless you also put these videos out on ather platforms they will censor you away. You NEED to do this.

  9. questions, when so many people are impacted as a family event.

  10. It’s the scilence that is the best indicator that something is not quite right.

  11.… this is why…. 1 in 800….

  12. Luis Pablo Seit

    Doctor, here don’t use science. For 3 years

  13. Olivier-Pierre de Belmont.

    You walk on eggs and never brake any.Here we have a Master,Mr Dr John!

  14. Andrew Strakele

    Diabetes is a chronic vascular disease and COVID-19 is an acute vascular disease . Both damage the endothelium, the single layer of cells that line the blood vessels of our circulatory system. This damage results in clotting that leads to cardiovascular disease, strokes, and damage to organs by depriving them of oxygen and nutrients when the capillaries to them become clogged with clots. It causes the blood vessels to become stiff, resulting in Hypertension.

    Damage to the Body’s circulatory system and organs must be handled by the immune system. Chronic stress downregulates the immune system. A diet rich in high carbohydrate ultra-processed foods depletes the Body of nutrients essential to the immune system, such as Vitamin D and Zinc. Ultra-processed foods also deplete the Body of B-Complex Vitamins, which increases the permeability of the Gut and Blood/Brain Barrier, resulting in undigested proteins entering the Body and Brain, causing Autoimmune Diseases.

    Over 80% of the world’s population is metabolically unhealthy. Their Endothelium is ALREADY chronically damaged by the oxidative stress of Hyperinsulinemia from a poor diet before they are ever infected by SARS-CoV-2. Once infected, this virus can cause the same amount of damage that takes Diabetes DECADES in a matter of just a few DAYS. Combined with the Perfect Storm of a suppressed immune system from poor Diet and Chronic Stress, it is no wonder there are excess deaths.

  15. The silence is so loud it has become deafening.

  16. James Walters

    You are a good person. Thank you.

  17. Grace Bywhomistand

    I love you Dr. I’m in the healthcare field 32 years and have a religious exemption and I just want to say God bless you….and I WAS RIGHT!!!🙏❤️🤍💙🇺🇸👏😁✝️🔥

  18. There is likely never to be any public funding into excess deaths research as we all know what they’re likely to find. And we wouldn’t want a government officials to put put on the hot seat now, would we?

  19. There are way too many people dying, with the latest from today theres been another 2 that I know have gone, 1 in the same street that makes 6 gone since September in my street alone and one in the avenue behind me, I’ve never known anything like this ever.

  20. Common factor starts with a V.

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