How to know if a chess move is human or AI engine? | GothamChess and Lex Fridman how to

How to know if a chess move is human or AI engine? | GothamChess and Lex Fridman #buildempire


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Levy Rozman, also known as GothamChess, is a professional chess player, streamer, and educator.

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  1. Full podcast episode:
    Lex Fridman podcast channel:
    Guest bio: Levy Rozman, also known as GothamChess, is a professional chess player, streamer, and educator.

  2. What happens if you put 2 bots against each other? Does one win ? Or is it just a draw?

  3. If you learn chess from AI and play a lot of games against AI, you’re probably eventually going to makes moves like AI too

  4. The notion that younger generations growing up with engines will somehow learn to play like them is based on a false premise from non-chess players. Engines aren’t teachers. Engines don’t have ideas, they don’t have tactics, and they don’t have a different methodology to the game. All they do is meticulously evaluate the position at a scale that humans cannot process nor retain. Like a calculator. It would take a person years to do a basic math problem if the integers had millions of digits. It take the calculator 0.1 seconds.

  5. Dumb moves and brilliant moves can look similar. So glad im brilliant haha. ha..

  6. The question which you should have asked to Magnus. Levy is like us lol

  7. Youtube Kullanıcısı

    This idea of “dumb moves and brilliant moves looking similar” is fascinating, because that also seems to be what’s happening in life. And I find it so fascinating because it sort of proves that dumb moves really can look similar to genius moves as we sometimes feel about some acts or moves from people in real life, but we (or at least I) can’t properly explain why that is the case as we haven’t mastered life yet, but we know enough to know that the thing we just witnessed is just “dumb luck” (and I hope I’m making it clear that I’m not saying any of these things to suggest that I’m especially qualified to evaluate ‘things’).

    Like according to common wisdom, there seems to be a ‘v’ curve to a lot of things in life, such as people supposedly being the happiest in their lives when they’re either the dumbest or the most intelligent (or the least informed to most informed), and the average intelligence point being the saddest, understanding enough about life to see that there are some issues, but supposedly not being smart enough to solve them (or at least that’s how I understand that wisdom) (and to be clear I’m not trying to just make myself look like an outsider to all of these things, I may have contributed to all of these perspectives unknowingly, knowingly (but I just forgot about them), or both).

  8. Robot moves you have to go much deeper to realize it’s intentions. A human move you will understand the idea behind it much sooner.

  9. Engine moves speak for themselves.

  10. That guy who said what’s the point of Levi coming in the podcast. Was so out of bounds. Levi is a big streamer which is interesting in itself. He’s a high level chess player which a lot of people are into. He has also interacted with a lot of other interesting people such as the world champion of chess to name one. He can also talk on camera which is more important than I would want it to be XD

  11. mladen kuznar

    i’m great fan off lex but lately who are even thess people chess players ok apparently not even good ones.I understand when world champion was on but why is he inviting amateur players first the two girls and now this guy i dont get it

  12. of course if passes Magnus vibrator test or not

  13. I think sometimes players like to do something random just to throw their opponent off their game. Then, adapt to the opponent response. I think calculating several moves ahead is overrated – because, how can you really predict how your opponent will play? It’s more about adapting to the situation in real-time. Like boxing – don’t be predictable. Sometimes, unorthodox technique is better – it’s not by the book, but you still won the fight.

  14. Matt Claridge

    Levy summarized it quite well in another of his videos. Humans by nature come up with plans and then try execute them, whereas an engine has evaluated all lines so will do the best move for all lines.

  15. God makes no mistakes

  16. Use AI augmented EEG chess caps which can recognise general chess playing behaviours in the brain waves which imply legitimate engagment with the game from the way body, eyes, visual cortex to emotional state align. Then give a credibility score to each move and sum the credibility across moves, so that winning is no longer 100% but more vague and dramatic, with qualitative measures like a suspicious win, or an angry victory or amusing defeat etc Also, do realtime emotional monitoring and have extra prizes for chess players who play least like robots emotionally….

  17. thesaiyanprince

    2:46 – Its very weird to see levy swear without the duck noise lol

  18. Simple.
    If a human can’t explain afterwards or avoid explaining it why they played a certain move, its AI engine.

  19. Virtual Pilgrim

    is there a difference between how a straight person and a homosexual plays chess?

  20. varun reddy Mothe

    Humans already play like engines in known theoretical openings for 20 moves and they draw in known lines . The problem lies when the person starts when top engine moves for 30 moves in unknown new lines

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