How to learn phonetic transcription (with practice! ✏️) how to

How to learn phonetic transcription (with practice! ✏️) #buildempire


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How to learn British English phonetic transcription. In this video, I cover the British English phonetic alphabet, how to remember the sounds and symbols, and how to transcribe words. There is also some phonetic transcription practice too, so make sure you have a pen/pencil and some paper!

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British English phonemic symbols and pronunciation:



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How many years have you been teaching?
I’ve been teaching since I was 16! So for over 14 years.

What qualifications do you have?
BA Honours English Language and Linguistics, MSc Education: TESOL, Cambridge CELTA.

Can you teach me English?
Sure! Just take a look at my website for more information

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I teach using just one of many accents in the world. Please only learn it if you like it and if you are interested in learning it. I do not believe there is one “correct” accent or manner of pronunciation and I fully encourage EFL/ESL learners to expose themselves to as many varieties of English around the world to become accustomed to the beautiful variations of this world language. I focus mostly on teaching “Modern RP” (I may just say “RP” in my older videos, but to clarify, I do specifically mean “Modern RP”), however, you will hear a lovely little Yorkshire twang to my accent from time to time too. Please LOVE and BE PROUD of your accent. After all, it is part of your identity and makes you unique. 💚

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  3. Me encantó el video, Emma.
    ¡Está genial!.

    Siempre me había preguntado, ¿como es que los niños angloparlantes, aprenden a leer?. Debido a que el Inglés, no es un idioma fonético.
    Y ahora entiendo como.

    De hecho, en mi colegio nunca nos enseñaron eso en las clases de Inglés.

    Saludos desde Chile.

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    Quiero que seas mi amiga y mi maestra ,me interesa mucho el inglés

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    My best teacher without doubt

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    I watch your videos. and I have learned a lot of fun

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  16. Pronunciation with Emma

    I hope you enjoyed this lesson.
    I will do a part 2 in the future about transcribing sentences.

    I’m so sorry that I couldn’t answer everyone’s questions during the live. It is very hard trying to teach at the same time as having 100 people asking you questions. 😅 Feel free to put them in the comments and I’ll answer them for you.

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