How To Look Effortless Chic & Elegant | Easy Outfits To Look Put Together how to

How To Look Effortless Chic & Elegant | Easy Outfits To Look Put Together #buildempire


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HOW TO LOOK EFFORTLESS CHIC & ELEGANT | EASY OUTFITS TO LOOK PUT TOGETHER – Today I want to share easy outfits that always look chic and put together. I’ve linked everything below and thank you so much for watching!

Pure Cashmere turtleneck sweater (S/White, Carmine, Navy)
Double Breasted Slim Blazer (2/Black)
Diamond Knit Cashmere Sweater (S/White)
Turtleneck Cashmere Dress (S/Black)
Elegant Silk Knitted Top (S/Black)
The Valerie Skirt (2/Apricot)
Ajuga Silk Twill Blouse (XS/Blue)
Silk Knit Anemeno Vest (S/Navy)
Pullover Silk Peony Blouse (XS/White)
Basic Silk Camisole (XS/White)
Bow Tie Silk Jasmine Blouse (XS/White)
The Linaria Wrap Dress (S/Navy)
The Myrtus Jacket (XS/Black)
Sand-washed Pocket Trench (XS)
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FOR REFERENCE: I’m 5’3” or 160cm tall and my measurements are 36 inch over bust and 26 inch rib cage, 26 inch waist, 37 inch hips

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  1. Warwick Pethers

    As previous comment, I usually enjoy your ideas etc but I am feeling just overwhelmed by Lillysilk advertising, so sorry

  2. Christina Mychas

    Nice boots 😉😉 ❤❤ love!

  3. Светлана Нудненко

    Hi, I’m from Ukraine and in this difficult time here I like watching your videos , you’re magnifique ! I like your style !

  4. I usually enjoy your videos but Lilysilk seem to have taken over.

  5. Lilysilk does not offer petite sizing. Sadly, the brand is a no go for me. I’m 5’1″ with short torso, arms, legs. Regular size proportions do not work.

  6. Me encantó, como siempre excelentes opciones. Gracias

  7. I love the black leather jacket you’re wearing at 7:16….where is it from?

  8. candy donnelly

    Audrey, great classic inspiration for a Sunday! Thank you for reminding us how great navy and black look together. I often forget about off white bottoms at this time of year. I try and create outfits so getting ready for work is easy. Oh, love your kitty as he slipped out the door😊

  9. Rosemary Leonard

    Thank you, Audrey, for another great video! Great outfit ideas. Everything looks beautiful on you.

  10. Susan B. Roman

    Beautiful outfits Audrey

  11. The Lily Silk size range is so limited. The average size person in America would likely not fit the largest size – that makes me sad.

  12. Love all of them!!! U look absolutely stunning in all!!! 💞💕

  13. Magali Rodriguez

    Hello Audrey! I actually have a silk, printed top , and I wasn’t so sure if it was a good idea to pair it with jeans. So thanks for confirming I wasn’t wrong 🤩

  14. Anita Friedman

    What is the necklace that you are wearing? Where is it from? Thanks.

  15. Thank you, Audrey. We almost never go wrong with classic items.💖

  16. Amazing video as always!! Have you considered doing a video on Kibbe body types and how to dress for them?

  17. Very great sense of style and quality advice shown in this video. Thank you Audrey!

  18. Maricel Gundayao

    Happy Sunday gorgeous 🤍🌸👋
    Dark blue looks good on u.

  19. Tanisha Solanki

    Love ur videos <33

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