How to make a LEGO Paul Walker Minifigure how to

How to make a LEGO Paul Walker Minifigure #buildempire


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In today’s video I show you how to made a custom LEGO Paul Walker minifigure aka Brian O’Conner from the Fast and Furious franchise!

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  1. Rip paul walker

  2. Thathotdog -guy

    Day7 pls make Rick c-137

  3. Please make me

  4. Bendy please

  5. Expunged #saveukraine

    Make a custom lego obunga from nextbots

  6. Do top pops

  7. KeeganBricks12

    Day 3 of asking for micheal storen

  8. Hey man I love your channel. Could you make me next?

  9. George Pew pew

    Day three of asking for custom redskull please

  10. Logan Stansburger

    Lucifer Morningstar please

  11. Matthew Engelbrecht

    Can you make a custom lego nostalgia critic??

  12. Dutch Van der Linden💵🤠

    Do me

  13. Please Make Me!

  14. Abdullah Fahad

    Do the man with no name

  15. Apparently we are getting a speed champions fast and furious Brian O’Connell car

  16. raiden from mgrr

  17. Dardevil pls?

  18. Ethan Stop Motions

    Day 30 of asking for a Lego master ogway YouTuber

  19. Day 12 of asking for Jacksucksatlife

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