How To Make A Lower Body Strength Workout how to

How To Make A Lower Body Strength Workout #buildempire


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  1. arvid ludvigsson

    Can you show the record Wall in a video

  2. Lawrence Van Der Byl

    Hi Dane,
    Why wouldn’t you do a full body power or, Lower power Upper strength day on day 1.
    Just thinking you could hit Full body strength day 1 for strength, then hit full body power day 2.
    This gets you more exposures to load throughout the week compounded onto training increasing athlete resilience.

    Potentially more buy in because they hit the heavy leg work knowing there’s an upper body pump at the end of the session and knowing tomorrow when they have training they can still push the heavy leg exercise because they will be more recovered from 1 exercise than 4-6 lower limb exercises.

    What are your thoughts? More of a pathway for sport athletes not weightlifters, I use the 2 day full body method for my AFL athletes at the moment

  3. My son is a using your app, which is great by the way. He’s a strong safety and hes trying to get faster. He is strong ASF, but he is slow. My question is will the program eventually get him outside to sprint or is that something we have to do on our own outside the program on the app?


    How to get the hardcopy of sports Bible in India?
    Please share the link sir 🙏

  5. Aruni Chandra

    1 question sir, wide grip jerk may improve snatch 3rd phase, that’s busting power of snatch, reply me, India 🇮🇳

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