How to Make a Mobile Tool Cart with Storage For Everything how to

How to Make a Mobile Tool Cart with Storage For Everything #buildempire


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DIY Mobile Tool cart for small shops. This cart has a lot of storage features to help you maximize the organization of your shop! I like having a rolling tool stand in a small shop for space savings. Amazon and other affiliate links are used in this description to help support this channel.

Massca M2 Pro Pocket Hole Jig –

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*Products Used to Build The Tool Cart
Massca M2 Pocket Hole Jig –
1 1/4″ Pocket Hole Screws – ?aff=3
Massca Jig Mounting Board –
Milwaukee M12 Drill/Driver –
Rockler Bench Cookies –
Festool Track Saw –
TSO Track Square –
Festool Dust Port Cover –
Jessem Stock Guides –
Clamping Squares –
Small Bessey Clamps –
Kreg Pocket Hole Clamp –
Parallel Clamps I Recommend –
Squeeze Clamps –
Right Angle Drill Attachment –
Short Pocket Hole Driver Bit –
Chisels –
Kreg Setup Blocks –
Battery Holders –
Kreg Hinge Jig –
Hinges –
Forstner Bit Set –
Drawer Pulls –
Spring Punch –
3″ Casters –
Drawer Slides –
Titebond 3 Wood Glue –
CA Glue –

Tools On The Cart –
Milwaukee Parts Organizers –
DeWALT Parts Organizer (will fit in the opening) –
DeWALT Planer –
Wahuda Jointer –
Spindle Sander –
Air Compressor –
Jorgensen F Clamps –
Bessey F Clamps –

Other items
Dust Mask –
Favorite Tape Measure –
Safety Glasses by the pack –
Shirt I Was Wearing –
Hoodie I Was Wearing –
Miter Saw –
Table Saw –
Miter Station Stop Block System –
24″ Woodpecker Edge Rule –
24″ Benchmark Rule –

Jason Bent’s Hinge Video –

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  1. Андрей Курноскин

    Hey Matt! Your channel is awesome! I’ve seen plenty of comments saying you’re not building anything anymore lately: glad seeing you show what you’ve got! Keep up the good work and bless you

  2. Carl Brothers

    Re the Milwaukee parts organizer boxes, I recall that they have finally ended production of them.

    I really like this and have a couple big things I need to get onto a cart, and this is a solid inspiration for that.

  3. Awesome build. I love the upbeat guitar music at the end of the video too.

  4. I enjoyed the build; it was fun to watch including the mistakes. I’m not perfect, you’re not perfect, none of us are that’s why we need Jesus. That size cart might be the right size for my tiny space. It might be good for future tool purchase also. Stay awesome.

  5. Sean Brotherton

    Do you take the air compressor out when using it or leave it in the cabinet?

  6. Vern Steinbrecker

    Nice job, great design

  7. Michael Brown

    Outfitting new shop in itty-bitty one car garage, so most everything needs to be on wheels. Expect this will be next thing built after rolling workbenches. Those will likely be Paulk’s Smart Bench/Station tops mounted atop Husky adjustable height work tables with storage cabinets added below.

  8. Great shop cart design. I need to build this one.

  9. I really like this cart, best one I’ve seen since I built Steve Ramsey’s mobile cart a few years ago as I was getting back into woodworking. Guess I’m going to be spending a bit of money at 731Woodworks so I can have the plans!
    I’ve gotten hooked on the parts boxes. I’ve got several, different brands from Harbor Freight to Dewalt. I think I will make one slight modification to be able to stack several of them behind one of the doors since I don’t have a spindle sander….yet!

  10. Mostly humble 1

    Stupendous. Really

  11. Squeegie Mama

    Impressive upgrade over your old cart. I could definitely use something like this in my garage.

  12. Chris Vaughan

    Very nice! You always inspire while letting the rest of us know that it’s okay to make a mistake or three. Thanks for keeping it real!

  13. Great build my friend. Having a small workshop myself, I will keep this idea in mind. Maybe I will build something similar to yours in the future. Thanks for the inspiration.

  14. Fix It French

    I don’t have mouth room in my shop for a miter station yet. I would probably put locking casters on it and use it for a miter saw.
    Also if you don’t mind, where did this music come from? Is it a free YouTube sound?

  15. I need to make a cart for my planer that I just bought, and the spindle sander that I plan to buy next. This cart is perfect for my small garage workshop.

  16. Some really nice design choices in this one. I am working on something similar for a router table. The pass through was very clever. I have not seen that before, and offloading the pieces from the planer outfeed is always a struggle.

  17. Goods Custom Furniture

    Awesome Matt

  18. I love that you show when make mistakes. I just made a frame for the top of a table for third time!! Very frustrating! Good to know I’m not alone!

  19. Denny Skelton

    Great build and design Matt. Looking forward to seeing this cart in action during future build projects

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