How To Make Aggressive Women Submissive how to

How To Make Aggressive Women Submissive #buildempire


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  1. dreaminginnoother

    This is very black. Nothing wrong with that, but as a white dude mostly tryin’ to get with white/asian/hispanic, this type of talking would not play for me at all… Also, his eye contact is a little weak.

  2. This is literally how is it 26:50 is what I be dealing with and every girl that did that was was feeling me

  3. Damn sneako chat are actually incel bots that’s crazy. Makes me feel like I’m one for watching but I know I’m not I seen The game the whole time.

  4. Balthazar Lozano

    Never seen sneako with a girl

  5. Dollar Sign

  6. I thought the money sign was kinda corny tbh

  7. Ebonics talk is shit tier.

  8. Respect the hustle. Dudes out there make sure you’re getting your money up .

  9. Legit snaked TyKwonDoe video and title LMAO

  10. Clickbait thumbnail

  11. Shneako hop off Miamithekid 🤣🤣🤣

  12. Cameron Monzon

    That dude had negative game. If the girl falls for it, she’s batsh_t nuts.

  13. Marvin Martian

    *7:30** Weak people in chat that can never get a woman to touch them, don’t realize, if you get a woman to touch you, that’s pretty much 98% of the job.*

  14. Wellmaruprepared? Uknowim

    5:54 what was that mm huh? hahah what was you about to say mate? xd

  15. Watch primetime hitla he smooth to

  16. we need miami on this stream or fnf panel😂

  17. As a white guy who bagged black chicks from their black bfs, I didn’t have to sit there for 5 hours playing fucking retarded word games to do it. More than one way to skin a cat.

  18. Miami always had the sauce

  19. L chat. Stop spamming shiet all the time jeez

  20. Damn, I been using my sign is money sign for years, why you gotta expose game like that.

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