How to Make CARBONARA PIZZA Like an Italian how to

How to Make CARBONARA PIZZA Like an Italian #buildempire


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Carbonara Pizza takes two of my all-time favourite dishes and combines them into one. There is absolutely nothing better than a perfectly cooked pizza dough topped with creamy carbonara sauce, rich guanciale and cheese – lots of cheese! This recipe is a little different to what I would typically add to a pizza, but it’s been kept authentic and is a must-try. Do not let your tastebuds miss out on this Carbonara pizza recipe, it is an experience.

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0:00 Introduction to Pizza Carbonara
0:26 Carbonara Pizza Ingredients
1:20 Cook the Guanciale
3:25 How to cut the Mozzarella
4:13 How to Make the Carbonara Sauce
6:04 Stretch the Pizza Dough Ball
6:52 Toppings on Carbonara Pizza
7:25 How to ParBake the Pizza
8:00 Cook the pizza in the oven
8:40 add the Carbonara Sauce on the Pizza
10:05 Final Touch on the Carbonara Pizza
11:59 Time to Eat the Pizza Carbonara, E ora si Mangia


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  1. Vincenzo's Plate

    I could lose my Italian Passport with this Carbonara series but I had a lot of fun challenging myself with these Carbonara Creations. I hope everyone appreciate this series made with love for you

  2. Parker Cowan

    Mama mia

  3. moonbeamskies

    You won’t find anything like this at 7-11.

  4. Sir Switch Crookington

    Bravissimo Matteo!

  5. guuuaaanciaaaaaaale

  6. Pricillia Carolina

    I love this carbonara pizza! 😍
    But, why guanciale not mixed together with carbonara sauce on second part of baking?

  7. Io non devo guardarli piu i tuoi video🤣….. mi fai venire una fame allucinante anche se sono strapieno!🤭😁 come sempre video e ricetta fantastica!👍🏻 ti abbraccio

  8. Ramya Padmanabhan

    Sorry just saw this now as was out all day Cant wait to make this soon for me can i use mushrooms and vegan cheeses i never had carbonara pizza before i love pizza sooooooooooooo much perfect for my after office meals

  9. Unitarian Savage

    Imagine what the people who say “Italian cuisine is archaic and refuses to evolve” because Italians won’t eat Pineapple in pizza would think of this. They’d probably be horrified to even think of pizza without tomato.

  10. TechnobeatTV

    Congratulations on your 1 million subscribers!!! This is definitely a special combo to celebrate!!!🍕🎉✨

  11. Peperon dei Peperoni

    This is a bit extreme 😂 Nice experiment though, worth a try for sure.

  12. Maria Edelyn Cabanlig

    Is there such a thing as carbonara calzones? If so, it would be great to have the recipe from you as well♥️

  13. Mario Batali had that at one of his restaurants, Tarry Lodge in Port Chester, New York, it was absolutely delicious.

  14. Michael Klama

    is shredded Mozzarella okay, if i shred it myself?

  15. Fuppe the gardener

    Give me, give me, give me 😍🤤🤤🤤🤤

  16. I love this channel but I wish you would do a fried rice cook off vs Uncle Roger in your studio. It would be so funny.

  17. Gevorg Van Armenië

    Fantastic recipe! Personally, I would add the eggs at the very end for them to be even more creamier (like in the pasta).

  18. Povilas Zemaitis

    Let’s see if Vincenzo’s Italian enough to not get bored with the taste of carbonara after this challenge ;D

  19. You need a shirt “Guanciale = Life” 😄

  20. oh god
    no scrambled egg!
    how is this possible!
    an italian magic!
    this is 100% [MUST TRY] recipe

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