How To Make Friends how to

How To Make Friends #buildempire


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the only way

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  1. so in conclusion: fat rats

  2. Soup Everywhere

    Last guy was spittin’

  3. Prussian v1nce

    That was a fat squirrel ngl

  4. I love these videos. The kindness of strangers. The sheer fucking hilarity these guys have. “Hey you ugly. But I am too so we cool”

  5. The last guy 😭

  6. I reckon that last guy should become friends with that squirrel

  7. The new york rat saga continues

  8. TeaWithMilkAndSugar

    What is the j word?

  9. Damn , thought that was Logic


    *I’m honestly impressed by the time and effort you put into these videos, Keep it up!*

  11. VanillaMeanFrappe

    I’ll be damned.. if this ain’t the most wholesomest shit I’ve ever seen in my life 😢

  12. DistantSalutations

    That ending is so wholesome

  13. *But what if yourself isn’t good enough*

    That’s a you problem *bu dum pshhhh*

  14. Well, personally I would rather wallow in my own loneliness instead of actually having to regularly have contact with real people.

  15. that, indeed, might be a rat

  16. The first one is accurate asf

  17. Khris Too smoove

    Me I prefer kidnapping. You will make way more friends and they will never leave you. Well they actually can’t leave you.🤷🏾‍♂️

  18. Tree rats vs street rats

  19. we all ugly

  20. That, indeed, might be a rat

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