How to Make Hamster Live Longer how to

How to Make Hamster Live Longer #buildempire


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Want to make your hamster live longer?
How are my old hamsters doing?
Watch till the end…

I hope you have a relaxing and joyful time here watching cute and funny moments of my little buddies (featuring Miss Taro, Mr Mooncake – Winter White Hamsters; Mr Pineapple, Mrs Paprika, Mrs Muffin – Syrian Hamsters).

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  1. kool chanel;)?

    My hamster is almost a year old!

  2. Jamajake0’s YouTube channel

    This video was really helpful, My hamster is from petsmart he got attacked from my cat but still alive he has some stress from that incident so can someone help me with advice ?

  3. Anthony Carbone

    My hamster, Igor, is now 2 years 7 months and has definitely slowed down. His eating habits have changed over the time I have had him and he rarely uses his wheel these days. I keep thinking about simplifying his life style but then think about what I would want if I was older. I would want things to remain the same but of course eliminate any danger and complexity. I have begun giving him softer foods on a regular basis to allow him the choice on what he is feeling like. I do worry about him and hope he is a happy hamster.

  4. I’m so glad you talked about genetics improving health!! I like to rescue my Hamsters, and my current Roborovski, Basil, has a stye in his eye, likely due to the conditions he was kept in before he was rescued, though genetics could def play a part! The Vets say right now, it isn’t causing issues and is too small to remove, so I’m going to be taking him to the Vets more frequently than I did with previous Hamsters just to keep tabs on his little eye. 🙂 Vets are worried about it turning into a tumour. Hopefully it won’t cause problems in the future!

    As for my Hamsters ages.. I’ve had several.

    My Syrians, Harry, Jerry and Cinnamon – Harry died of old age, at 2 years old. Jerry suffered from a broken leg after a fall, and passed away when he was younger (1 Year roughly) due to it sadly. Cinnamon almost made it to his 2nd birthday, but developed a respiratory condition due to old age and wasn’t able to regulate his body temperature properly, so he passed away in my hands just before his 2nd birthday.

    Harry and Jerry were both Pet Store Hamsters, while Cinnamon was bred to be a Show Hamster.

    My Dwarf, Snowball, passed away at 1.6 Years old after suffering from a stroke/seizure (We aren’t fully sure..) on the hottest day of the year. He passed in his sleep, he looked peaceful at least.
    And my current Roborovski, Basil, is 1 year old and thriving, even with his eye issue! 😀

    Snowball and Basil were/are both rescues! Both likely from Pet Stores, but Basil was rescued from a Hoarding situation.

  5. 내가 좀 더 주의했다면 그 아인 좀 더 내 곁에 있었을 거에요. 이젠 그냥 그 아이가 밥 먹는 모습이라도 보고싶어요. 더 이상 그 아이의 냄새도 그 작은 심장소리도 기억나지 않아요..

  6. This video is very good! You have some cute hamsters there. Snowy was a very happy hamster and I loved her a lot. She had no problem until a big bump grew on her belly. I went to the vet and they said he had a tumor. I was very sad and I was afraid of what would happen next. Snowy was as active as usual, but one day I saw that she stopped eating and she was very tired. So I anesthetized her so she wouldn’t suffer. She was my only friend and I will never forget her. It was a pleasure to have her with me.🌺😔

  7. I have 8 hamsters 2 have pass 2 years the other 6 is coming to 2 yrs soon feed them mix seeds dried worm organic corn n plain yoghurt. For treats plain pop corn(no sugar) plain dried chicken cube and wheat bun for hamsters from pet shop. All still remain healthy just they spend more time to sleep. Quiet n cosy temperature is important.

  8. My hamsters always reached at least 2 years, but never have I had one that could live over 3 years 😢 hoping my Robo will manage, he’s 2,5 years old now and he is still very lively

  9. my first hamster Tom lived 4 years. When he got older he wasnt that active and i knew any moment he could leave me so i gave him all my love.. Now i have another hamster named Thomas and hes black, I was shocked when i saw him becouse i rarely heard about black hamsters. Btw my first hamster Tom was white idk if he was winterwhite or whatever that thing is called. Thanks for this video, i learnt many things😄❤🐹

  10. There is no way this type of hamster will live more than 2-2.5years.

  11. Dakota Mountaingarden

    Thx so much for ur advice. My Hamster lived around 1.7 years. But he got a Tumor and the vet said that he was alr pretty old so He died ;-; I think if he hadn’t gotten the Tumor he would have lived longer.

  12. This is very useful! I think clementine is 1 year and 6 months old. before her, I had a hamster called Sammy and he actually lived a while. we took him out a lot for a play. he was a very gentle hamster! 🙂

  13. 2:08 “Hello” wink from Muffin!

  14. Surprisingly as a kid my brother and I had a hamster that easily lived 2 years, Nugget.
    Oddly he was a pet store hamster and we only did basic Hanster care and cage, although I would not reccomend that now, I would say we got lucky mostly.
    He eventually died at I think just over 2 years and he had a tumor growth at the end :(.
    We played with him and let him out lots.

  15. ¿_Stupid Ninjago Video_?

    I Have A Dwarf Hamster Who I Had Since 2021 And He’s Still Alive To This Day

  16. Paula Manchado

    A year ago my hamster died 😔 when he was almost 3 years old.
    He was very cute and active 🥰

  17. Thank you for this information! I haven’t go to the vet for my hamster since he is healthy but I do check him up with these tricks! I have been taking care of him. He is now almost 2! 2 in 3 days to be exact.

  18. ArgentinaMessi Countryballs

    Mi hamsters se llamaban Copito y Hamie,ellos eran hamsters sirios pequeños,pero cuando los crié,ya estaban gorditos,a pesar que solo tuvieron 5 semanas de nacimiento, nacieron el 28 de abril de 2019 , desde que los crié,tenía condiciones un poco malas,su jaula era realmente un lavador, porque no teniamos mucho dinero, pero,unos 2 meses después,compramos una jaula apropiada para mis hamsters,la cuál,es un pack,viene con todo como,una casita,su bebedero,su tazon de comida y su rueda para hacer ejercicio, vivieron unos 3 y medio mis hamsters
    Nació el 28/04/29
    Falleció el 20/6/22
    Cuando fallecieron mis hamsters,me sentí muy triste,ya que perdí una mascota muy querida,yo lo sacaba para pasear un rato,le daba comida para que coma,etc. Está es mi historia

  19. boy i had a hamster that lived for
    2.5 years and guess what, mother accidentally kicked from our bed, she slept in her pee and sometimes i squeezed her and she even eats chicken and fried rice!But i was dumb and weird so i squeezed her but alas she died cuz of old age weird huh?

  20. My hamster lived for 4 years+ Enjoyed every single moment with her…

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