How to Make Individual Baked Brie Bites | Bake It Up a Notch Bite Size with Erin McDowell how to

How to Make Individual Baked Brie Bites | Bake It Up a Notch Bite Size with Erin McDowell #buildempire


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These adorable Brie bites are fully encased with crispy puff pastry and easily handheld at holiday parties. If you want to make them ahead, refresh the bites in a 325°F oven for 7 to 10 minutes to re-warm them and re-crisp the crust. Oh, and if you can’t score those sweet mini wheels of Brie that Erin loves, swap in a wedge of Brie cut into 1-inch/2.5 cm cubes (just make sure to chill them well before assembling). Share your Brie bites with #bakeitupanotch GET THE RECIPE ►►

This recipe is excerpted from Savory Baking: Recipes for Breakfast, Dinner, and Everything in Between 2022 by Erin Jeanne McDowell

Erin’s book, Savory Baking:
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1:02: Ready the rough puff pastry
5:02: Bring out the Brie
8:00: Egg wash and bake
9:04: Ready to eat

PREP TIME: 20 minutes
COOK TIME: 40 minutes
MAKES: 15 bites

1 recipe Rough Puff Pastry, prepared and chilled (
1/3 cup (105 grams) hot pepper jelly
15 (about 385 grams) mini brie/brie bites (see headnote)
Egg wash, as needed for finishing
Freshly ground black pepper, as needed for finishing


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  1. I tried these! They turned out so good! I substituted the brie with some pesto cream cheese filling.

  2. Teresa Punshon

    Amazing Erin. I managed to get your book and have made a sweet version of these using sweet potato jelly under the Brie. It’s ecstasy wrapped in a little parcel. Thank you so much. You are amazing. Hugs from all of our household here in Melbourne Australia who absolutely love your work, enthusiasm, joy and sense of humour.

  3. Cori Breidenbach

    Looks sooooo good. I clicked the puff pastry link here and it’s not working for me 😢. I am sure I can search for it but just thought you should know. 😉

  4. Oh YUMMM💖💖💖
    I love it when you sing🎤

  5. Carey Aroonsuck

    Wish I could like it twice! ✌

  6. Erin you are the SAINT of pastry. thank you!

  7. Very nice Erin. These would be wonderful with a caramelized onion & herbed cream cheese filling or some BF ham with Gruyere & spicy mustard. A hundred different combos to customize.

  8. This will be a holiday smash!!!

  9. I always love Erin’s videos. This one looks like an absolute banger, can’t wait to try it!

  10. Ruth rodriguez

    Love love you Erin your enthusiasm is so contagious can’t wait to make these and for sure I am ordering your book.

  11. These look so delicious! I’m drooling. 😋🤤

  12. Tünde Eszlári


  13. Noreen Hallett

    Just ordered your book xx

  14. Noreen Hallett

    Yummy. Definitely on my list to make. Only cheese I can eat too

  15. Absolutely love love LOVE Brie so I’m definitely making this sometime!!

  16. Cynthia Pearson Petersen

    So happy to see your savory offerings, Erin! Thank you:)

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