How to MAKE “IT” BIGGER in 30 Days! (Powerful Results) how to

How to MAKE “IT” BIGGER in 30 Days! (Powerful Results) #buildempire


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The one-month plan for maximization
Take down the monster man bush. A monster man bush will make Big Al look teeny weeny because he can’t get through. Trim it up and let the tiger out of the jungle.

Clean up your diet. Make sure the foods you consume are high quality and healthy. If you’re eating saturated crap with high sodium and sulfites, Big Al will not be as hard and firm. Research has shown a direct correlation between a healthy diet and a rock-solid Big Al. Your body fat will also reduce, decreasing body fat in the pubic region. The loss of that fat pad will make Big Al look bigger — 5 lbs even makes a difference.

Commit to cardio. Over the next 30 days, do 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise daily. You will increase your blood flow and circulation to Big Al.

Stop nicotine. Nicotine is a vasoconstrictor that will also constrict blood flow to Big Al. Plus, if you quit smoking, you will feel better and much healthier.

Consume a gallon a day. Drink one gallon of water a day. Dehydration is one of the common causes of Big Al not being strong and hard because a lack of blood flows through the body when dehydrated. Also, you need to offset the amount of caffeine, alcohol, and sodium consumed by drinking even more water.

Kegel twice daily. Do Kegels to strengthen all the muscles down there. It will also create better angles for erections and increase the firmness and strength of erections. Do three sets of 10 reps twice a day, morning and night. Make sure to hold between each repetition.

Increase nitric oxide production. Eat green leafy vegetables and take L-Citrulline and L-Arginine. These will relax and open up blood vessels allowing more blood to flow. You can get harder and stronger action with Big Al.

Use Big Al routinely and regularly. Fill with blood and then relax. This will help stretch everything out and maximize your manhood.

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  1. Get your CONFIDENCE back! Head to now for 20% off your first order, if prescribed. Gain your confidence with treatments starting as low as three dollars and twenty cents.

  2. Victor Ledezma

    Bro my shts 3 feet long now and I can’t walk

  3. I am unfollowing this Creep

  4. Hitman Hasnain Khan RS45

    Cut out the alcohol ,r u serious 😹

  5. So true bro!! Losing weight helps

  6. sean whitman

    This video has been made 12 times already

  7. Does it work hight too
    Mr Aaron?

  8. Isaiah Hollis

    That a woman. What.

  9. The Schlott Co.

    lol – he said the ROCK looks like a big penis!!! LOLOLOL I agree!

  10. So the foods I eat: burgers, pizza, and others of the like don’t work??? 😶 Haha!

    Definitely changing your eating habits will work and exercise too! Thanx AM for this advice!!

  11. Alon Horovitz

    damm i missed the dramatic alpha! thank you for helping me for more then 10 years!!!

  12. Keep one thing in mind, that NOBODY is talking about when it comes to L-Arginine: If you are prone to lip herpes and were wondering why the heck it AGAIN broke our during L-Arginine substitution, you should know that L-Arginine serves as a catalyst for it to break out 😅 The herpes virus LOVES l-arginine. The corresponding antagonist though is L-Lysine (which helps AGAINST the herpes virus). So: In case you substitute with L-Arginine, you have to proportionally substitute with L-Lysine. If big AL is in Thor mode but your lip looks like Davvy Jones, nobody wins. You are welcome, fine gents.

  13. BearWithoutEars

    it has come to the point where I need to unsub…used to enjoy watching helpful informative videos, I guess sex and having big dingdongs are the most important things in life now huh?

  14. Santidad y Arrepentimiento

    Besides he has the 666 number (randomly) watch out for this that nothing happens by coincidence.

    T he owner of the channel needs to know that you better enjoy the life here because eternal life has a surprise for you.

    Repent while you can.

  15. Santidad y Arrepentimiento

    For all the Youth and naive adults. This is a CHEAT ATTEMPT to get more viewers (hence more youtube money) BY MAKING BELIEVE THAT PEOPLE CAN GET THE RESULTS HE CLAIMS.


  16. Only thing that worked for me (mine is 6 inches long, not that I “need” more, but you know… we’ve all had our moments) was nofap for like 2-3 weeks. And by that I mean DO NOT touch it unless you’re taking a piss!. My brother, I can almost guarantee it to you that you’ll see more girth and length after those ~3 weeks – but not by much, tho. Like, the difference will be noticeable, but you must not forget that you CANNOT increase the size of your penis unless you do surgery. It’s genetics bro, it is what it is unfortunately.

    Nofap AND kegel exercises + losing belly fat. If you lose belly fat, you also lose the fat near your pelvis… and notice how, if you press with your hand against the skin above your penis, it looks longer/larger? Yeah… so there you go!

  17. Oprisor Capital


  18. InStrong Workout

    Mine is ok but thanks for sharing that 😀

  19. —-•J•Shawn•Paul•-—

    Tommy Lee smokes cigarettes. It’s not totally all about having a gigantic penis. Women just wanted to work, so get off opiates and all drugs and bang as many women as you can.

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