How to Make Perfect Cheese Straws with Handmade Rough Puff Pastry how to

How to Make Perfect Cheese Straws with Handmade Rough Puff Pastry #buildempire


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Ever since I made the Haitian Patties, I’ve been experimenting with rough puff pastry. It is an interesting concept, and it makes life so much easier compared to making proper puff pastry. Yes, you will not get perfect layers and yes it will not be as flaky, but the result is still nicely light and crumbly.

And for the effort put in, it is a trade-off most people will be happy to make.
This time around I added an extra fold to make the pastry even lighter. You can use any cheese you like. I chose gouda and parmesan just because they were in my fridge already. Next time I would go for a stronger cheese than gouda though. You can top your cheese straws with any seeds you like or not use any seeds at all.

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  1. 📖 Find the written recipe in the link below the video ⤴

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  2. Why the recipe is not given here ? Or the weights are not included in the video?

  3. Your pronunciation of Gouda is absolutely perfect!👌Greetings from the Netherlands!

  4. I’ve gained weight just by watching this. No regrets. 😁

  5. As a cheese lover, I really appreciate all your cheese related recipes 🤤

  6. Suprio Mukherjee


  7. I’ve just discovered nutritional yeast which is very tasty and good for you… Vitamin B1 etc. Great in your baking.

  8. Koubena Kombi

    I need to watch it again… first time saliva clouded my thoughts.

  9. I’m a beginner at pastry and this is helpful. Good demonstration, thanks 👍

  10. Rolf Karlsson

    This must be an awesome addition to a BBQ!


    More cheese on top, next time. 😋

  12. Every time I make cheese straws, I eat them until I feel sick.

    I will continue to do so.

    I know it’s not really with the theme of the channel, but are you going to do any cake like desserts?

    Reason I ask is that I am in love with Latvian plum cake. Lol

  13. Brilliant Sir

  14. Hurrah – more uses for Rough Puff Pastry! I just happened to have a 1.5x batch ready for rolling out – I was going to braise a beef roast and make beef pot roast hand pies, but the shop was out of the roast I wanted. Now, I’ll just have to make Perfect Cheese Straws. Questions, If I wanted to also make some Cinnamon Sugar Straws, would the “filling” be a softened butter and cinnamon sugar paste (similar to your cinnamon roll filling)?

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  15. I Can’t wait to try them but here gonna be latenight..

  16. Belinda Jiang

    Yesss. The 2-week wait after you posted a pic of this was agony.

  17. Ruslan Semerenko

    Perfect! I have to bake it right now!

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