How to make snowmobilers Mad. Jeeps on a groomed trail! how to

How to make snowmobilers Mad. Jeeps on a groomed trail! #buildempire


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To clarify what happened before everyone gets mad…. He was out getting a Christmas tree with his family in an area near the trails that is perfectly legal and open to drive in. But when his clutch started giving him trouble he realized he wasn’t going to make it back through the snow he drove through to get there. So in order to get his family out of the woods as night was falling, he chose the packed down snowmobile trail that he was right next to and led directly out of the woods hoping the Jeep would make it. Unfortunately it didn’t and he was stranded in the middle of the trail. So he used his winch to pull himself further into the trail system and to an intersection where he wasn’t blocking any trails. Luckily the tracked @Jeep and a @YankumRopes made quick work of pulling it out without doing any damage to the trail.
As far as whether he made the right decision or not… I will say that if I was trying to get my family out of the woods as night was setting in and a groomed snowmobile trail looked like my only option…. You can bet your ass that I’m taking that trail.

Also, I tell you why I finally ditched @GoPro and have switched over to @DJI Action cameras. I don’t get do overs, so I need a camera that simply works every time.

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  1. A lot of people seem to confuse a clutch with a clutch control mechanism. A clutch control mechanism is any part of the system that engages and disengages the clutch when push in and release the pedal. When that system fails you can indeed shift without the clutch and still drive the vehicle, if you have the ability to get it moving.
    The clutch is the mechanical friction link between the engine and transmission. If that link between the engine and transmission fails, you CANNOT drive the vehicle in any way. There are simply no two ways about that and if you think different you’re wrong.

  2. Past 4 people in vehicles last weekend end when I was snowmobiling. The road gets shut down on the first of December for wheeler vehicles. I didn’t have very nice things to say.

  3. Your track jeep is amazing. What a rig! And, of course, you have to be amazing too, because you have it, and know how to use it. Love your videos, and yes, I would like to know more about your video equipment.😀

  4. What is the definition of a snowmobile/snow machine? Because your mobile/machine IS for snow!

  5. Helicopter 🚁 rescue is the way to go…….

  6. Hey Casey !! Yepper !! A lot of people have had & still have problems with “”GOPRO “” Great “EASY”” recovery on your part !! Getting better at it each time you go out !! HAHA 🤔🤔🤔🙃🙃😉😉😛👍👍👍👍👍 Have a “”MERRY XMAS”” !!!

  7. Margreet Anceaux

    The upcoming North American cold spell made it to the Netherlands’ national news. Probably a lot of work for you. Stay safe, Casey!

  8. You need to pick up a pair of walkie talkies.

  9. Dangerous to man

    Need to put a camera in the vehicle you are towing.

  10. Good job Wes camera work is good.
    I have ALWAYS liked the jeep with the tracks but this set is much better with the larger diameter wheels. Awesome.

  11. Great video casey and merry Christmas to you and family from uk 🇬🇧

  12. I just wish it would snow that much in Georgia, great video keep up the good work God bless from GA and happy holidays

  13. I’m sure someone will bitch until it’s them needing help lol

  14. If you add a flashing light to your jeep ,they’d look at you and think emergency vehicle,Right. That would be cool.

  15. 25 PSI what is this bloke thinking. 10 PSI will get him straight out, with no help! What a dick head.

  16. Ole tracked jeep just kicks butt !

  17. Darrin Lauscher

    Isn’t running over the tow rope equivalent to crossing the stream ??

  18. Summary, call Casey first. 😁

  19. I miss the zj! I think you should do a wj on tracks but I’m a little biased toward Grand Cherokees . Looks like you’re pretty happy with the tj though.

  20. Gas money

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