How to Make Sweet Lassi (IN PAKISTAN) how to

How to Make Sweet Lassi (IN PAKISTAN) #buildempire


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If you ain’t got a milk mustache, you didn’t do it right.

I’m currently doing a road trip to Hunza Valley! Stopped along the way in Naran for some food. Long format vlog content in the works! #shorts


Pakistan Floods Appeal

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  1. Visit Bangladesh

  2. but god fusion goku is above fiction🤓

    Where lassi kulfi?

  3. Ayo bro, shownus how to make the Pakistani national dish : Nihari

  4. Muhammad Zunair

    Waiting for you to be in Murree

  5. kashmir is most peaceful

  6. go to kashmir its most beautiful one worthiest

  7. Would love to see a full vlog of the sceneries

  8. “Popular dish in Pakistan” hits different knowing that Gully is actually there 😁

  9. Shreya Madhwani

    lassiis not made in Pakistan it’s made in India

  10. Atharva Poyekar

    Bro never mentions India ☹

  11. You know in Pakistan every day is a cheat day !

  12. 🀄️NINJA GAMING ⚜️

    Try jeda’s lassi in lahore

  13. Let’s make some lassi, a very popular molten dessert in Pakistan 🇵🇰 😅

  14. You should really visit lahore, the food there is amazing

  15. Assalam o alikum..when will u come back moon restaurent besar..

  16. Nice bro, good jov

  17. Naeem with Roshaan

    I’m pakistani. I’ve drank lasso. I’m good. U good

  18. i make boring content

    I love lassi and i always made mango flavoured lassi

  19. dang it I’m 1 hour late. well day 1 of asking for Vietnamese oyster chicken wings

  20. Zafar siddiqui

    Plz talk in urdu

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