How To Master Kiriko (In-Depth Guide) | IoStux how to

How To Master Kiriko (In-Depth Guide) | IoStux #buildempire


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0:00 Intro
1:09 When to pick Kiriko
4:40 How to use Kiriko’s abilities
12:04 Ultimate usage
16:40 Win conditions and positioning
19:10 Required skills

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  1. ioStux Overwatch 2 Coaching

    Overwatch 2 has been a blast so far, all the connection issues aside, 5v5 feels amazing to play. Hope this guide helps some of you find your footing with the new support hero! 🙂

  2. SphericalCow

    One of the best guides i have ever watched for any hero – let alone Kiriko!

  3. best fps coach hands down

  4. Amazing video! I would hope you do this for every hero as well! Sometimes I watch you coaching sessions just to hear your explanation of playstyles of particular hero, as other videos usually don’t cover that fundamental concept for some reason.


  6. Man I’ve been playing her today for 8 matches. Lost all of them, and in some of my matches people said I don’t heal enough. I just reply with ,, I’m a support not a healer”

  7. Lets go coach

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