How to ‘Meal Prep’…if you hate Meal Prepping (like I do) how to

How to ‘Meal Prep’…if you hate Meal Prepping (like I do) #buildempire


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0:00 Intro
2:05 Downsides of Meal Prep
5:23 Psychology Behind Cooking
7:43 Sunday Braise Framework
11:05 Banh Mi
12:44 Tinga Tostada
15:20 Garlicky Beef Pasta

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  1. Hey do you think I can replace the beef with chicken and do the same?

  2. William McNeil

    green peas are from britain, they only have sadness in them, you have to throw them out.

  3. LuxrayProductions

    I love how you incorporate so much science into these videos. Especially the psychology in this one. Very entertaining!

  4. in my humble opinion, I feel like this is one of the highest quality, most well put together videos you have ever put out. keep the amazing content coming!

  5. We are exactly the same when it comes to meal prep, great video

  6. I have a huge pack of chicken. Drumsticks. Are they braisable?

  7. Thank you for all these great videos Ethan! As someone who tries to only eat vegetarian at home, it would be great if your concept based videos (like ones that are not based around a single recipe) tried to include a vegetarian option. This seems delicious but I have a hard time finding a good veggie version of braised meat

  8. I’d do a spatchcocked roast chicken on the Sunday too, then you have a ton of chicken to use through the week too if you don’t want beef every day

  9. Brandon Golway

    who spreads mayo with a fork?! hahaha My problem is that I’m very picky so I’m pretty limited in what I eat, and that tends to get pretty boring quickly.

  10. Carlin McCormick

    All those reasons for avoiding food prepping I agree!
    I learned much from this video!
    I would love to see you do this video with braised chicken thighs!

  11. I am already struggling at the first “easy” step, as here in England is nearly impossible to find braising beef cuts and the overall quality of meat products is the worst.

  12. The truth is that meal prepping comes from the fitness world, not the culinary world. I think it’s real value, initially, was that it takes the variables out of your daily macronutrient consumption. This container, with this much rice, meat, and vegetable has X number of calories, Y amount of fat, and Z milligrams of protein. People who are not reducing weight or playing sports at a high level, or motivated by health and body shape, don’t derive much benefit from this way of eating. I think it’s healthy to be aware of your intake, but placing strictures on yourself that serve a purpose you don’t want to serve, is a recipe for quitting the system.

  13. this might be one of your top most thoughtful videos, amazing watch this was

  14. A lot of your recipes have been central in getting me through college. Excited to try these recipes tyty 😄

  15. Ive been doing something similar. But I perfer sousvide over braise.

  16. Okay, no one comments on the commercials, but the handle on the Made-In Dutch oven is actually tall enough to grab with a potholder or oven mitt on your hand. Why does no one else do this? Made In has good design.

  17. Hey Ethan, absolutely love this method! My only issue is food safety. Specifically, I usually just cook for myself, and I often end up still having more meat leftover even after 4-5 days of working on eating it.

    I know it might be a dangerous topic, but if you throw some disclaimers on there, I’d love to see a food safety/spoilage video at some point in the future!

  18. RadioactiveLobster

    I think it was Black Tie Kitchen that did a similar video that talked about meal prep.

    Similar to what you’re doing here, he said to prep ingredients, not meals. Then you can make several different meals throughout the week instead of eating the same meal every day.

  19. Hi Ethan
    Thanks for the Video. I can say that all the reasons you gave why we don’t do meal prep are true for me. Do you have alternatives to meet simmering? That would make each week even more interesting

  20. Good vid. But this doesn’t entirely work for office-lunch meal prep, you’re still doing a lot of work in kitchen using kitchen equipment right before eating.

    I have tried (several times) to meal-prep and I hate it, but I know I *should* be doing it. The biggest reason – that isn’t really addressed in this approach – is that mealprep is mainly for preparing work-lunches. Meaning, absolutely no “cooking” on the day, only reheating. So you need to do 5 meals ahead-of-time – *completely ahead of time, not partly* – and not have it so complex that you waste the whole sunday in doing it.

    Which ultimately for me somehow always devolves to every damn meal being a rice base with mixed veg (which taste like veg, so no variety there) and some meat (minor variety).
    Fish is out of the question because co-workers would kill me.

    That’s my real issue with meal prep. It always devolves into almost the same food – rice and meat (plus veg), because that works decently with reheating.

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