How to Measure and Size Drawer Fronts & Drawer Boxes how to

How to Measure and Size Drawer Fronts & Drawer Boxes #buildempire


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Hey friends! After MANY requests to make a video on drawer building, I’m attempting to put together an easy to follow series breaking down the process into four easy to tackle steps:

This first video will discuss how to figure your drawer front and drawer box dimensions.
The second part will discuss how to assemble the drawer box.
The third will explain how to install the drawer slides and the drawer boxes.
And the final part will share some tips on installing the drawer fronts.

I hope you stick around and hit that notification bell so you don’t miss when the next parts go live!

This video is a little more “talk to camera” and example based. We won’t get into building anything, BUT, getting the measurements is half the work, so it’s the foundation for moving into the next steps.

I hope you enjoy it–even if it feels like a math lesson 🙂

Check out more project details on the blog:

Grab the printable drawer building guide here:

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Some resources you may find helpful:
How to build and install drawers:

00:00 Introduction
00:15 Inset Vs Overlay
00:35 Frameless vs Framed
01:40 Determine Drawer Front Height
02:27 Drawer Front Height for Inset
03:55 Drawer Front Height for Overlay
04:51 A Note About Rounding
06:14 Drawer Front Height for Full Overlay
07:13 Determine Drawer Front Width
07:54 Determine Drawer Box Height
08:53 Determine Drawer Box Width
09:31 Determine Drawer Box Length
10:29 Conclusion

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  1. Shara Woodshop Diaries

    I realize I talk with my hands a lot 😂 Please ignore that…but also consider how boring this would be if I stood there and didn’t move my arms haha! Hope you enjoy watching!

  2. Super informative! Can’t thank you enough for taking the time to make this video.

  3. 👉 BUY YOUTUBE VIEWS 👉 Link in Bio

    I’m showing my friends this!

  4. Shawn Robertson

    This is TERRIFIC!!! Thank you!!! I am an interior designer with a tiny bit of woodshop experience who has this dream of building a cabinet one day. This info is so helpful. When working with finish carpenters and cabinet makers will better I understand what I am asking for with a design. And it’s like “woodworking university” for building knowledge, confidence and gumption to try out my own build one day. 😊

  5. Cynthia Buren

    Such a valuable series. You make it so easy to understand. Looking forward to more series like this!

  6. Are the drawer fronts Liberty brand?

  7. Jesse K-9 Scent Detection Training


  8. Simple Yet Effective

    Fabulous video! Looking forward to applying this to my next project.

  9. great video! btw, what are dimensions of your shop table? i thinking about building a bigger one like yours instead of using this folding table i’ve got. thanks for all your great projects

  10. Very well done. You explained everything in detail and had great visuals. I’d imagine most people could watch this and easily do it

  11. MC's Creations

    Fantastic, Shara! Thanks a lot for the lesson! 😃
    Looking forward to the next!
    Stay safe there with your family! 🖖😊

  12. Just saying (as an European) why making measurements so difficult ….. use the metric system ….. that’s so much easier calculating those measurements 😉😀.

  13. You make tackling drawers not look so intimidating! It would be great in your next video of you could explain how to determine the slide length in a little more detail. Maybe show with a drawing or a model of the inside of a cabinet. I loved how you incorporated the SketchUp drawings into you video – especially with the moving dimensions. Very clever! Looking forward to the sequel!

  14. This is very helpful to a new woodworker(me) Thank You 🙂

  15. Craig Goodwin

    Shara, just got a bit thrilled to see you posted a video this morning. Personally I find drawer build intimidating when I’m doing the math, but also the most satisfying when they’re done. It also helps when they’re full of a lot of “stuff” I probably don’t need in my life but at least have out of sight! I took another viewers advice and saved this one to my library because I think it is a great reference tool for the next time” I need to build some more drawers. Thanks for Sharing!🙃🙂

  16. seasonpride1981

    I swear you are like one of the most helpful people , I’ve ever encountered doing videos. Thank you for the videos and the plans that you post.

  17. The Video Game Vault

    I’ve only done one project with drawers so far and with this video I can see what I did wrong and why I was over complicating things. 👍

  18. Brunnie - Taking the Road Less Traveled

    You make it look so easy. LOL Since the majority of my builds use Locking drawer slides: Vadania Heavy Duty Drawer Slide with Lock, because I build cabinets for my camping vehicle, I’ve struggled a bit but also used your plans for a cabinet or dresser as a starting point and that helped a lot. In the course of building drawers, I also make them various depths, some deep enough for spice jars, others shallow enough for plates, and that has added to the “fun” of making cabinets with drawers. Thanks for starting this series of “How To”s, I’m sure I am going to learn something. Until next time… Saw safe.

  19. You are the queen of drawer building! Thank you for this video series. Easy to understand and achievable for mere mortals.

  20. Wow. This is the best drawer making video I’ve ever seen. Explained perfectly. I want to start making cabinets and had a hard time figuring all the dimensions because I didn’t really know where to start from. Now it makes sense. Great video. Looking forward to the rest.

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