How to MOVE at the PIANO | Chicken Move Explained how to

How to MOVE at the PIANO | Chicken Move Explained #buildempire


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On this channel I am sharing my experience and thoughts about fingerings, interpretation, fingertechniques and playing piano in general. If you have any questions or ideas please leave it in the comments!

Original Chicken Attack Song:

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  1. conclusion: you can not play the piano without breaking some eggs ! 😂

  2. i love your videos <33333

  3. You just changed the 🌎 world ( at least mine 😃) Now I have to find an egg. I mean a piano 🎹 ❤️. 😊 ty

  4. Thank you 👍🎵🐓

  5. TheRascalHasSpirit

    Actually, there is one chicken move that every pianist should take note of – the amazing ability of our feathered friends to keep the head straight under all circumstances. Check out chicken head stabilisation.

  6. It’s the “arm waltz” and its role is to prevent “arm wrestle”.

    My hypothesis is that this may positively influence your “toucher” (if done well) but more so helps with timing.
    Humans don’t have a precise clock in their mind and that’s why we see musicians make movements with parts of their body.
    Yes, that may look theatrical sometimes, but it has an important function indeed.

  7. Annique when playing the prelude in c minor bwv 847 by bach, would you use lots of arm movement? high fingers? how would you manage your movements?

  8. “Keep your hand still Fräulein, do not make omelette.” Franz Liszt 😛

    Edited for misplaced umlaut

  9. But what came first, the chicken dance or breaking an egg?

  10. Mage Prometheus

    I’m sure this will be useful for me one day. Right, back to the C scale.

  11. Christopher Coates

    No yolk, you explained that impeccably!😂

  12. I'm not hot so I play Chopin Etudes in a costume

    Should’ve picked a piece from Bach Bach.

  13. Toujours impec mademoiselle, bien à vous!

  14. What’s your thoughts on the taubman technique?

  15. Speaking strictly for us Yanks, we don’t say “opening an egg”, we say “BREAKING an egg”, as in, “Ya gotta break some eggs to make REAL mayonnaise!!”, which by the way, is actually true. I like the idea of emulating a chicken movement (or an egg-breaking movement) when I play. Anything to keep my playing as open and stress-free as possible. How about a mini lesson on how to make Eggs Benedict?

  16. Yeah, this channel isn’t for pianists who are grinding for hours. This is clearly for views and simps.

  17. 𝗚𝗜𝗥𝗟𝗦𝟰.𝗫𝗬𝗭

    👆 – MY HOT PHOTO HERE 🔥💞a💑

  18. only annique could open an egg that gracefully

  19. Roland Huettmann

    What about the Taubman approach where arm, forearm, wrist and hand make a unit? Also rotation, in and out, shaping etc. are important integrated movements. You play fantastic. But the wrist in the demonstration should probably not fall down as much creating a disconnection between forearm and hand?

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