How To Nail A Job Interview how to

How To Nail A Job Interview #buildempire


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  1. It’s crazy enough that it just might work!

  2. Nail me a drink

  3. uh, first time i thought he said ‘please sleep in my office’…

  4. “Why should we hire you?”

    “Well I brought a hammer for that nail these interviews keep talking about…”

  5. Johnny Chronic

    Lol that was a good one

  6. How pretty impressive to hear some like that.

  7. Interviewer:”So what do you say your weaknesses are?”

    Me:”Bullets, lead, poison, carbonmonoxide, bubonic plague,…”

  8. Zwyrx Hgqfyggz

    The comic is so old that the interviewer grew a mustache

  9. The original was better before all this moustache nonsense. Can’t believe how far C&H has fallen!


  11. I was really hoping they’d recreate the meme like the manager asks him for his resume but the man tells him that will be $4.99. surprised that the manager says he is hired, but then you realize he applied for a job at electronic arts.

  12. Average valve employee

  13. carpenty and manicure are job interviews where nailing it is a great thing

  14. wo.. Its that easy to get a job

  15. Horrible video

  16. Husseini Ibrahim

    Wow what a coincidence I just had a very shitty interview. Thanks for making me feel better @explosm at least I did better than that guy. It’s hard in the labour market.

  17. mike wahousekey

    That is a great idea
    You are a goddamn genius

  18. He’s got the right idea I’ll give him that

  19. The Noname Household

    Work in the fast food industry be like:

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