How to NOT have a boring CAPSULE WARDROBE – Minimalist Style how to

How to NOT have a boring CAPSULE WARDROBE – Minimalist Style #buildempire


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#capsulewardrobe #minimalist #outfits #fashionstyle
How to NOT have a boring CAPSULE WARDROBE – Minimalist Style
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  1. Hanna Skibniewska

    I have just discovered both of your channels and I love them both. It is ingenious advice to “double it”! It really allows to incorporate interesting variety to my wardrobe and to keep it minimal at the same time👍💞👍

  2. Merredith Oakes

    I really appreciate your comprehensive approach to creating a mini capsule wardrobe…you’re helping me appreciate what I already have and look at mixing it up in creative ways for fresh looks. Love the idea of shopping my closet, first!

  3. I enjoyed this episode. I have a lot of basics (except jeans, pants, and skirts) because I get easily bored with my closet. I buy what’s comfortable. But I don’t wait to buy something that might have an extra detail that could elevate the basics. Instead, I purchase more statement pieces because I don’t know how to pair and manage my wardrobe basics.

  4. Great video!! Slowly perfecting a black capsule wardrobe. But I’m working on a navy/blue one too at the same time😂 love the tips! Also I agree with you about the shoes. I’m really focusing on adding shoes to my wardrobe this season.

  5. Ainslie Freeman

    Really helpful ! I love the change in the seasons and experimenting with different colours although sticking to basics. I like to wear colourful headbands in Summer and change to hats in Winter ! I am also looking forward to having some rose-gold highlights in my hair for Autumn . At 76 years old l still feel vibrant and ready to experiment, especially after watching your videos.
    Thankyou so much x

  6. 👉 BUY YOUTUBE VIEWS 👉 Link in Bio

    you should post more!

  7. Great tips Emily!

  8. Always learn something new even when I rewatch Thanks Emily!XXOO

  9. 99% of people online promoting capsule wardrobes really push buying basics. Well, if that’s all you buy then you’ll have a basic style. Telling people to start with statements makes sense. You really only need enough basics to make your other stuff work.

  10. kat_thefruitbat

    Love this! (Love you and all of your videos!❤️) The multiple starting-points you came up with is definitely inclusive, as you’ve taken into account that a single generic approach is never going to resonate with every individual. I’ve always heard the “start with basics” starting-point, but that just doesn’t align with me and my personal style, and so it never benefited my wardrobe curation. I really like your idea of starting with the statement, because I realize that it’s definitely what has always anchored my wardrobe. Thank you, this was very helpful and inspiring! 😊❤️

  11. Andrea Cuellar

    I’m s high school teacher. I use your fashion wisdom….and I get compliments from my students all the time. In fact, they want me go teach a fashion class. Lol! I’ve let them know about your videos!!!

  12. Alles sehr schön. Aber zuerst zusammen die Nummern 10 und 1. Eine countrygirl2.OnLinE Brünette und eine anderef Blondine. Es wäre unfair, wenn ich 4 wählen würde

  13. Fun video 😎😻

  14. ❤❤❤Great information:)

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